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I never received my rebate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!@@!!

User's recommendation: don't shop hear.

Location: Bismarck, North Dakota

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How long have you waited? They seem to be taking 3-4 months rather than the 6-8 weeks stated on the rebate form.

You also need to be aware that they look like junk mail advertising. They are a folded postcard with advertising for a Menard product on the back.


Interesting how when you make a purchase they have no issue withdrawing the full amount from your checking account or charging you credit card literally within seconds of your purchase, but yet take months and months to hopefully issue the 11% in store credit.


Credit card transactions are transmitted electronically to the bank. Rebates are submitted by mail, opened manually by someone and then entered into their computer system.

Just imagine how many transactions are made in a store each day. Every one qualifies for the rebate. Now take that by the 300 plus stores Menards has. The rebate just keeps on going.

Doesn't take long to visualize the mountains of rebates sitting in a Menards warehouse just waiting to be processed. If they were smart they would let you enter your receipt information on line like Home Depot does. Keep in mind Home Depot offers an 11% rebate when Menards runs theirs.

They do have some limitations, so be sure to read the form before making a purchase based on the rebate. As Home Depot doesn't rely on someone to open the envelopes and enter the rebates you get theirs much faster.


If American express, visa, master card, discover, and retail store gift cards can adjust the balance of an account within seconds of a transaction, why cant menards get the ball moving and find a process that doesn't move at the pace of an elderly snail??? Could it be they want to collect interest by taking months to issue the in store credit?

or they are hoping the customer will eventually go away and the house keep the refund amount???? Maybe credit card companies should go old school and the retailer sends each register receipt to the credit card company instead of electronically, with each transaction in a separate envelope than the retailer waits 8 weeks for the transaction to clear??? If the customers card is declined or closed the retailer won't know until 8 weeks later and they take a loss. Or what if for your paycheck instead of overnight direct deposit, you wait 8 weeks lead-time for your paycheck to be mailed to you???

see how far that goes over.

As for the Mountain of disorganized rebates, maybe the fault lays on the person who had the bright idea to run the "promotion " nearly continuously for the past year and half. Just put the 11% in store credit "sale" to sleep and go back to having genuine sale promotions.

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