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Made an order over the phone, they took my money and said I could come pick it up on Thursday. A week later, on Thursday, I arrived expecting to take home my item, but had an extremely long wait as they tried to locate it.

After waiting an hour, suprise, they don't actually have one. They sold me something that they didn't have in stock, yet clearly indicated in the paper work that I was coming to pick it up on a specific day. They knew I was coming to pick it up, clearly written, but didn't tell me (or didn't check) that they even had one for me to pick up on that day. Wasted my entire trip over there to pick up something they sold me that they didn't even have yet.

Then they run me through the special order process.... THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT I DID IN THE FIRST PLACE, you know.... order the item!

So they took my money, said I could come and pick it up on Thursday, but never actually had one or never actually ordered one. Now I've got to wait multiple extra weeks while one comes in special.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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As with any brick and mortar store you are better off getting up off your butt and going to the store to make your purchases. You can easily see if the item is in stock and quickly take it home with you.

If you call in an order for lumber to build a deck, they aren't going to pull it for you unless you are paying to have it delivered. It's a self service yard and you pull your own load if you are picking it up.


But they didn't order it the first time. You just pre-paid for an item that was going to be ordered as a regular stock item and sold to the first person that came in and wanted it.

Unless you got an invoice that says it is a special order they won't hold it under your name.

I suspect that is what happened if you called it in. Normally they don't "special order" something unless the person orders it in person at the store.