Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We shopped Menards on-line for a ceiling fan - read the description which stated 'elegant blades'. The ceiling fan arrived, and 'elegant blades' were thin, cheap wood painted white', not the gleaming nickel blades displayed in ad.

This is an inferior product & misleading ad, yet we now have to pay a 25% restocking fee and also put our time/effort into returning product via FedEx, as Menards states product can't be return through their store. I advise everyone to never order on-line through Menards unless you are really sure of product quality, as descriptions are misleading and Menards doesn't make exceptions to their 25% restocking policy, even when product is inferior and misrepresented.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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As a former employee of Menard's with no axe to grind whatsoever, I can unequivocally state that they are a horrible company to work for. They are very, very aware of their size and how much money they pull in and this equates to an unbelievable air or arrogance by Manager's that are more than happy to make your life miserable as an employee.

Want to climb that so-called Corporate ladder here? Then prepare to be a back-stabbing weasel with sickening levels of entitlement, and have little concept of even the idea of common sense in treating Customer's like priority #1 as they should be--contrary to the ridiculous signs everywhere about so-called Customer Service at Menard's. The turn-over rate at this particular location even though it only opened a few months ago is just unbelievable. So do yourself a favor if one of your loved ones is considering applying at a Menard's--talk them out of it.

They'll be worked like dogs and talked to like one. They'll be much, much better off someplace else. Trust me.

I know. And really wish I didn't :sigh .


"Elegant blades" has zero value and should not be important at all in ones decision of purchasing a ceiling fan. Manufactures/companies are legally allowed to use such words because they have no exact meaning and mean something different to everyone.

Simply put It's an ambiguous term. It's not a fact or feature. You take from the word what you want, to you it wasn't elegant to others it could be considered elegant. All retail items have jazzy words trying to help sell it, the only way a company would get in trouble is if they started claiming things that it cannot do.

For example stating a Lawn Mower was 177cc's when in fact it was only 123.

If you buy items based on such valueless words as elegant then you have bigger worries than a 25% restocking fee. It means you're easily taking advantage of.