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Bought 2 new exterior door knobs with exterior locks. I paid the extra $5.00 to have them identically keyed so I wouldn't have to have separate keys for each door.

When I got home and opened the packages, only one of them had keys in them. I got 2 keys when I should've had 4. Now I have to go all the way back and explain something that wasn't my fault. I am also going to ask them to reimburse the 5 dollars I had to pay.

I'm just glad I don't live further away then I do.

What a mess. Well, apparently I have to type 100 words, so I"m just going to round this out with

Product or Service Mentioned: Door Lock.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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This is the most ridiculous complaint I've ever read. They couldn't give you the two keys that came with the other lock because you had it re-keyed to match the first one. I can't believe that needs to be explained to you.


They aren't going to replace the two keys that are useless for nothing. I mean, those key blanks can cost almost .19 cents sometimes.


OK, you brown nosing, tool. Shove your 19 cents.


Did you think the 2nd lock's keys would magically work after it was rekeyed? I hope you didn't go back there and yell at somebody about this, it's ridiculous!


Each door lock comes with 2 keys. You wanted the 2 locks to work with the same key and paid to have one lock re-keyed to use the key that came in the other lock.

Once a lock is re-keyed, the keys that came with it will no longer unlock the lock.

As they are no longer any good they get thrown away to avoid confusion as to which keys work when you get them home. I'm sure they can probably find a discarded set of keys laying around if you really feel you need a couple of keys that won't open your locks.