Ely, Minnesota

I bought a door from Menards back in Aug.2012, sent in my rebate but never got it,sent them a letter asking why ,got a e-mail said thay were looking into it now here it is Nov.29 2012 and still havent heard from them.I thank there rebates are a ***,just to get you in the store.will go to lowes when i am going to spent over 300.00.Just so everyone knows i also had to wait a month to get the door,but of course had to pay for it first.always thought Menards was a good store,never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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I just tracked my rebate and it said it was issued on 3/01/2017 I do not have it. I am done with Menards


If the rebates are just a ***, someone better let Menards know they can fire the 50 some people who work in the rebate department. And do nothing but enter rebates and issue rebates all day.

The main reason you didn't get your rebate, you filled it out incorrectly. Congrats you are an ***.


I do it all the time. I just got 53.00 back.

Menards is a GREAT store to work with and I love them.

They have alot of AMERICAN made stuff. ALOT OF GREAT DEALS.


I just checked and this year i sent in 72 rebates and got all 72 back. Either you did not fill out the rebate card correctly, included the rebate receipt, or did a return or price adjustment on the door, all which would cause you not to get the rebate.


I myself have done two rebates and received both of them back. The two most common problems for not getting back rebates are; you filled out the information in-correct or it was stolen.


I've been using Menards rebates for years and have never had a problem. I did catch myself stuffing a rebate form and the receipt in an envelope without filling in the form.

I am sure if I had mailed that envelope withe the blank for I wouldn't have received my rebate.

Perhaps you left something out on the form, put the wrong address on the envelope or forgot a stamp. Their rebates are not a ***, they are great savings for the consumer.