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We spoke to 2 person for the same issue. We had placed an order for a storm door on October 23rd seeing the 14 day free delivery for special order notice stuck on Larsen storm doors.

We got an update on October 25th saying the product was shipped but did not get any further updates. When tried contacting the customer care, the 2nd person we spoke was very rude and brunt. He did not listen to any of our concerns and kept repeating and teaching us how to understand simple English. He ended the call abruptly as well.

We were very much pissed off with this behavior. Basic human to human respect was missing.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Can't say that I've heard of "customer care" at Menards. Call the store where you placed the order and select the option for doors, windows or millwork.

They should be able to tell you if your door has arrived yet.

The door may have shipped from Larson within a couple of days but if it is shipped to a Menards warehouse it may actually be transferred between 2 warehouses before being put on a truck headed to the store eating up another week or two. If it isn't in yet talk to the department manager and see if they can track the door for you.

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