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coupon for buy one get one 50% off boat bumpers needed 4 units told ihad to order 6 units pay full price on 4 of the units 2 at 50% off. did not sat this on coup.

2 stores said the same thing THIRD STORE HAD ITEM in store but was out of stock. was told i still had to buy 6 units at $19.00 each. isaid you carry it in store. if they were in stock icould buy 4 units.

i asked to speak to store mgr. was told he was not available.

i asked for corpt. phone # was told they did not have it!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Udomlya, Tver, Russian Federation #18866

Did you ask why or did you just get really angry really fast? I think they have to order them in quanities of six from whoever they buy them from. Didn't think of that did you?

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