Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

I always use Menards card when making business purchases but am anoyed when I have to go way up front to check out it would be great to swipe my card, get a receipt and leave out the gate.

time is money and anything to save me time is appreciated. this is not a deal breaker but I would probably use Menards more often if this sugestion were implimented anyone who uses the contractor desk probably knows what I am trying to get across I'm not to happy about the 100 word minimum either

five more words and done

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Deal.

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These are WAY more cashiers to help you make your purchase than the ONE security guard at the gate. You would be waiting in a much LONGER line since every other contractor would be in their vehicle right in front of you looking to do the same thing at the gate. This is just a *** idea from a lazy person.


Then every lazy Joe Schmoe who doesnt want to wait in line would be there too, not to mention the shoplifting risk.

Would be nice but it wont happen.