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I would like to make a formal complaint on the store manager in Massillon OH. I have videos to show how disrespectful and disorderly the manager treats store patrons.

If, the matter cannot be resolved without legal action I will have my lawyer handle it.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience by phone or email. Thank you

Phone: (330)268-****

Email: devinshook0@***.com

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: 3725 Erie St S, Massillon, OH 44662

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Please just proceed with legal action. As you see these guys think they are untouchable and will not change until the doors close.

Go get them. If not just shop Home Depot and pass it on. Don’t waste another dime on these losers. Just spread the word and shop elsewhere.

Soon the numbers will fall and they will close.

If the only option menards can add is a bad, better to have fewer options. They will close after people quit wasting their time and money there.


What is your damage ? You're going to need to prove damage or loss if you're planning to sue someone.

"Disrespectful and disorderly" in your opinion are not cause for legal action.

You have no police report (not that Massillon Police could handle something so complicated) and you're just spitting into the wind. Don't publish your name and personal information on an open internet website ever again ; that is terribly foolish.


This site is n to a Menards site. Your best bet is to grab one of the brown customer comment forms at a Menard store and fill it out and attach a letter if you need more room. These forms get the attention of their corporate office quicker than other forms of communication.

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