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When we go to Menards to look at there outside plants or cement fixtures in the summer months, there garden center door is always closed, you have to walk clear to the other end of there store to walk all the way down to the other end of there store to just look at the plants, they need to keep this door open, to much walking, Lowe's always keeps there garden center doors open, no walking a mile to look at what you come to the store for, will do my shopping at Lowe's, where they care about the the handicapped and people who have trouble walking very far.

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Lots of clueless people responding here. It's not a management problem.

If the garden center is slow or the store is slow they will not have those doors open. If the doors are open they must have a staffed cashier right in front of it to prevent theft. It does not make any financial sense to waste pay roll on a cashier watching a door that is getting used maybe once an hour. Trust me that is a typical rate in the middle of the week in the middle of the summer for a lot of stores in the garden center.

If you go early in the morning or later in the day you will not find the doors open because the traffic flow does not justify it. If you want those doors open go on a weekend between 11am and 6pm. Surely don't go in the winter because it will never be open. Often the inside of the store will be getting hit hard mid week because of contractors that's where the cashiers are needed!

They are not needed to stand around doing nothing in the garden center for the 1 person.... LOGIC PEOPLE.


Noticed this myself. It's a management problem.

Either no one is paying attention or cares plus they many not have scheduled enough people to man the registers and thus have no one to handle the outdoor register. Or, they could do what Meijer does---if it rains, or may rain sometime today they won't open the garden area gate.

At least that is their reason, tho common sense seems to not be common at all with store management. Just shop elsewhere.


Hardware and the Front End only staff the garden center on days they anticipate high traffic out there, or at the discretion of the GM on duty. Otherwise, its too much of a theft risk as someone else pointed out.

The yard in general is where by far the most stuff is stolen, thrown over the fences, stashed for recovery later etc.

and the garden center doors can simply be walked right out of without so much as a head cashier to eyeball people and exits right into the lot. I am not elderly or handicapped so I cannot relate, but it seems to me that opening another set of doors that must be monitored and staffing a single register simply to sit there and watch people who just want "to look" at the products isn't sound business sense.


The garden center guest service doors are being removed from stores due to customers such as yourself who found the doors a easy way to shoplift products with only one cashier and no security guard. If you can't afford items then stay out of my store!!!

Thank you

Menards employee for life

@Menards employee of the month

It's employees like you who make it very easy for me not to shop your stores. With this kind of attitude I will stay away and take my money to much better stores.

There was no mention of shoplifting in the initial post but you sure brought it up. I'm sure it happens but not everyone who goes into the garden center is stealing.

And just so you know, it's not your store, it's John Menard's store. Everyone can afford the items in a Menard's store because they cheap junk.


FYI, the reason he/she/the shameless shill brought shoplifting up is because it is rampant in the yard and outside garden areas; it always was and always will be the area of the store where the most theft occurs because of the sparse distribution of people and ease of access. Not to mention that even if a store employs third party security, nobody that works for the store is permitted by policy to even lay a finger on a shoplifter for legal reasons. What do you think corporate is going to focus on more: better retention to protect their bottom line, or pleasing a few mouthy complainers who *** about any inconvenience in thier lives hiding behind the indoctrinated mantra that "they are always right?"