Williston, North Dakota

my last trip to menards was from 2-6 pm just to buy and load 5 doors, where do they get these kids who are supposed to load. Is my time worth nothing?

It took maybe an hr to buy the doors and the rest of the time was sitting in the sun waiting to be loaded while all the employees stood at the desk and drank pop, is that thier idea of work? Something has to change at menards or they will soon be out of buisness, L would rather pay more for it somewhere my money is appericated!


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I don't know where you we're at but menards is not open in willeston nd yet.and the lumber yards that are here. I've got good service at both.


Hi sir! I work in Receiving at my store and let me give you some advice when you shop at Menards.

1. It's a self service yard. That means I get paid to help you out. Unless you come up to me with your order form I will most likely be busy unloading a truck.

2. Don't sit in your truck because it makes you look like an *** and many employees will be slower then.

3. Help us help you by helping us load your stuff, because if you don't help out then you have 1 person handling your doors which can then be damaged.

Okay? I deal with people like you all day and when I get a guest that actually helps me out I am extremely nice to them. The ones that expect me to do everything for them I will throw on a fake smile that is easy to tell is fake.


You do know that it is a SELF SERVE lumberyard. The employees are only there to ASSIST you, not load it all for you!

Also, waiting in your car without going into the store or receiving area to ask for help is just plain ***! The thing that irritates me the most about customers is how LAZY they are. They think Menards is a drive thru. Order your stuff and drive around back and WATCH the employees load it.

Umm...NO! Load it yourself and if you NEED help, just ask!

Don't sit in your vehicle, wave your paper out the window and expect HELP! NOT going to happen!


Buffy is False! I go to Menards and they didn't even know how to fix my paint prolbem.

Only Home depot I go now!

I go to lowes and they sell me sticky paint. Smells like parkling lot. I go back to complain and they dont listen. Why they waste my time.

Too many people going blaha blabh blah. Dont even listen me do they? I talk to seventeen people. Noone understands.

They afraid to fix misteaks. I talk to paint people. Desk people. Money People.

All People. Noone understands my sticky paint problem. I will call policeman if they dont take the sticky paint off my walls.

No more I go to Lowes. Not even for lawn mower or nails or screw drivers.


pull into the lumberyard entrance, drive to the receiving dept., ACTUALLY GO INSIDE THE STORE AND ASK FOR HELP!! sitting in your vehicle doesn't do anything for you. especially if you don't assert yourself


Go to the paint department & don't actually tell, or ask them; but imply that they should do something to fix your problem. It worked for me the last time they didn't do what I asked.

The courtship of righting a wrong is very delicate at Menards & they do take these issues very seriously so long as you play by their rules.

The power structure of Menards all starts at the paint department. Good luck.


just threaten to return the doors if they start taking to long people, go up to the returns counter and tell them you want to return the doors because you have better things to do and if they give you more *** ask to see the store manager. Never brag about how you spend money or anything like that, stay on topic, and they will either suddenly have the doors loaded or you get your money back and shop elsewhere, but it sure as *** won't leave you waiting for hours on end.


I had a similar experience as the author. I was in the store for several hours.

When I could finally catch one of the people in Menards shirt, I asked them to help me find some lumbar. They advised me it was in the store and directed me to that section. After spending a few minutes looking, I noticed it wasn't there. I looked around for another person, and they directed me to the service desk.

I waited a good while for my turn. They ordered it and told me that I would have to pick it up outside. I was given a door number to drive my pickup to in the lumbar yard. I drove around for a while not finding that door number or anyone who could tell me where it was.

I parked my truck and went back inside, all the way to the front of the store, where I had to wait again for someone to give me directions to the lumbar yard. I advised them I was parked in the lumbar yard. They then advised me to go to the area that was built about 8 months ago. I went in there and waited for someone to appear.

Once an associate appeared, I presented my receipt and after checking for a while, they told me they didn't have what I purchased. I was told to go back in the store because they don't keep that in the lumbar yard. I went in the store, leaving my pickup in the lumbar yard, and asked for some info on where to pick up my purchase. They checked the computer which showed they had plenty of what I purchased in stock.

Then, they called the lumbar yard and someone told them they didn't know where to find what I wanted. After a few minutes of conversating, it appears the light came on and someone figured out the location of the items I purchased. I was sent again, to the rear of the store and into the lumbar yard, around the the hut where the lumbar is stored and was able to pick up my merchandise. If I wasn't so desperate for the items I purchased, I would've requested a refund and driven two hours to home depot and made the purchase.

This was outrageous treatment and I did not receive one apology.

I spent several hours in and out of that store. I wrote the store and never received a response.


Rose, did you really stand idly by for three hours when you could have been doing something to solve your problem, such as speaking up!

Methinks you are either exaggerating, or perhaps not very intelligent.


This is why I know your post is a lie.

1.) It is against store policy for employees to drink soda while working.

2.) Menards has cameras on THEIR EMPLOYEES that are being monitored constantly by staff at their general office in Eau Claire, WI. Any drinking soda, checking cell phones, employee fraternizing, or laziness are acted upon promptly. Nearly every inch of Menards stores are covered by camera. When an infraction is witnessed (which definitely would have been had a group of employees been drinking soda for "3 hours" --- those are huge cans of soda, by the way... and wouldn't they have to go to the bathroom???) the corporate office calls the general manager directly and censures them over the phone. The general managers are actually fined when this happens!!!

3.) What were you doing for 3 hours? Where were you sitting? Why did you not go to the building materials desk and say something? Every Menards employee I've ever known would jump into action for you right away.

Perhaps you are one of the people who is part of the 2% of people who can never be pleased. You are a complainer. You do not want things to go right in your life because then you would have nothing to complain about. Get a life. Change your attitude, or risk dying alone.


I am very curious as to what store you were at. I havent been to many stores but I havent been to any that keep their doors in the sun.

Im also wondering what you did during the three hours it took to load your doors.

Most people wouldve gone to the desk angrily asking to be loaded after 10 minutes of waiting not just sit and wait for three hours. To a lot of peoples surprise most employees are bored at work and would love to load something so they can do anything other then clean.


When did Menards become "discount retail"? And yes, you nailed every Menards manager on here...

we do nothing but "sit around drinking pop all day". :roll


If ya don't like it go to home depot or lowes?! jesus H christ


Judging by my own experience with most discount stores, those probably were the managers sitting around drinking pop!


What store? Did you talk to the General Manager when you became upset or saw something you didnt like?