Baxter, Minnesota

My son-in-law put the flooring on his account Straightline RSS Contr. in Baxter, MN on 6/02/13 . I paid him cash for it so I sent in the rebate #4303 on 6/21/13. I have yet to receive it. My name is Judi Schulz, 347Sunfish Lane,Winsted,MN 55395.

I have sent in rebates before and always received them.

I am a good customer of Menards and love the service I receive.

I don't want this incident to affect my relationship with them so I will expect a quick response to my rebate problem.

Judi Schulz 763-227-7198. Thanks

Would appreciate a quick response .

Judi Schulz 763-227-7198

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $68.

  • Natural reversible deck flooring
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Nice title.


Your rebate went into process yesterday and will be mailed out within 1-2 weeks. Thanks.


You can't be serious... I love when people think this is a Menards owned and operated website....

This website is PlSSED CONSUMER not

If that is your real phone number and name you just posted on the internet for anyone to see then you represent the average IQ of a Meanrds shopper.. Other wise I'm calling TROLL.


If you are looking for a response that might get you your rebate it won't happen here. You need to contact Rebates International. Their e-mail is on all Menards rebate forms.


You made your own problem! It should have seemed logical to you that if the item was bought using your son-in-law's credit that he should be the one applying for the rebate.

Then, Menards could have matched up the buyer (in this case your son-in law)to what they sold to pay the rebate. Son-in-law then, could handed the rebate over to you.