Springfield, Illinois
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I went into Menards to grab some duct tape. However, when I arrived, I discovered that this particular is closing as of November 4, 2012.

I've been living in the Bellwood/Hillside, IL area for over 18 years and everytime I turn around, something is closing. A hardware store here, a grocery store there and now a very good Menards. Why should a person have to travel through various villages to get to a necessity store? This is so bogus...I think there should be a law against this sort of thing.

The least the company should do is replace it with a satellite store. Gas is high enough as it is without travelling country miles to get to a store.

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Menards does NOT, and has NEVER closed a store. If they are being forced to move, that is a different story. Rest assured,they will be seeking a new home, hopefully for you close to their prior location!


i work at a menards and i actually herd this months we had our first store close down i believe it was not making enough money to stay open. i don't know the location. that might have been it.


I worked at a Menards that closed w/ no new location ever to be thought of, so this does happen


You think that the gov. should force places to stay open?

That there should be a law?

You want free enterprise controlled, Go to china. Ill even help you pack your bags.


Here's the thing Menards stores don't shut down, they move. I find it hard to believe it closing for good.

I remember when our store was moving lot's of people thought it was closing, when in fact we were just moving down the road to a brand new building.

Menards from an economical stand point is thriving. The richest person in Wisconsin owns them.


You could move too. There isn't a law forcing you to stay there either and if you don't want to move that's your choice; that's the beauty of freedom.


You speak like a true fool. if the store dos not make money it closes.

That is real simple . Cry about it somewhere else.


That store closed because the lease was up