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I bought six sling back chairs and saw there was a rebate of $10.00 per chair and there was no disclaimer on the display of re: maximum rebate would be on 4 chairs only. I purchased these chairs on different days and mailed in another rebate certificate for 2 add'l chairs.

When I recv'd only the $40 rebate for 4 chairs I went on-line to track the rebate. When I couldn't find it on line I looked for a phone number. It was only then that I read the very, very small print and found it would only be paid on the first 4 chairs.

I have been a customer of yours since the store opened up, purchasing thousands of dollars over the years. However, I will now take my business to Lowe's or Home Depot which are equally as convenient for me simply because of your deceptive advertising. I am sure that legally that rebate limit should have been on the display sign and it was not. Please tell me that it was not a ploy to get consumers to purchase add'l chairs only to find much to late, as I did, of the limit.

YOU HAVE LOST A LOYAL CUSTOMER....I HAD A SIMILAR EVENT WITH COMCAST AND AS THEY WILL ATTEST I TELL EVERYONE I CAN OF THEIR DECEPTIVE PRACTICES. One customer may not affect you, but you will eventually ruin your business and people will never return to you....Times must not be hard enough, and you much have so much money, that you no longer have to worry about each individual customer and what it takes to earn their trust and keep their business....YOU LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Everyone wants to pass the blame. Admit its your fault.

It was in the ad, on the sign, and on the rebate. Try learning how to read. Ur lucky they offered you a rebate. That's what's wrong with you people.

The world doesn't owe you a favor. Good day.


This is probably news to you, but all Menards rebate's have LIMITS on them on how much you can purchase. They are always labeled. You failed to read, your fault not Menards.


So you blame people because you failed to educate yourself about the terms of the rebate (which if not listed on the sign, is clearly listed on the rebate form itself)? Unfortunately this is pretty typical of people these days, "Well, it couldn't possibly be my fault!

It must be you and your deception!

How could I ever make a mistake? Shame on you for having rules I didn't follow!" Cheeri-O!