Rochester, New York

Recently my wallet was stolen with all my cards inside. Later found that 2 black men used my card 3 times in a row within a 2 hour span there, not one teller looked to see that they sign Judy,that I was 66 years old and white.It seems to me if this card was used that often so fast someone might notice. Lucky for me my back noticed. This was done in Angola, Ind. The police were notified and they are on video, you are not alone though Walmart and Kohl's also didn't check.

Do any of your teller ever look at the person shopping.

Thank you

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Hey when you signed up for your card you had the option of all purchase protection for this very reason and you chose not too, that's your fault! When YOU lose YOUR things it's YOUR responsibility!


Credit cards have an account number and name - they don't look like your driver's license. If every cashier had to put each customer through the Spanish Inquisition just to run a credit card, you would be dead by the time you checked out.


When someone pays for something with a credit card, there is no ID checking and the cashier does not touch the card. The cashier doesn't touch the credit card, so how was she supposed to know it was for an old 'white' lady named Judy?

Do you expect something to pop up on her screen saying, "Hello! Black people are buying stuff! It has to be illegal! Call the cops! Black people cannot afford anything because they do not have jobs!"

You are racist, plain and simple.

I'm surprised you expected the 'teller' to recognize the 'black' guys since I'm sure you believe all black people look the same you racist.

The cashier simply checks that there is a signature on her screen after the customer signed, which most of the time you can't read what the person signed anyways because the electronic pen system sucks.

Oh yeah, I bet there was only one register open too, not 5, so the same cashier that checks out 40 people per hour remembered those two guys just buying something an hour ago!