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I purchased 43 bags of radiant brown mulch at 1.80 for 3 days in a row. Was told by a garden center team mate that it was the sale price until april 11, 2015.

Went back the next day for 20 more bags(april 3) and was told the price went up to 2.97. Called the gurnee menards and talked with a garden center team mate that told me the price went up this morning, but was going back on sale tomorrow(april 4) where that makes any sense I have no idea. So I then asked for a manager I spoke to another person (who I thought was the manager who told me that the reason the mulch was on sale is because walmart put theirs on sale and so menards dropped there price and that walmart took theirs off of sale this morning(april 3) so menards changed their price this morning also. So then I asked to speak with a higher manager his name was Matt, he said they do this all the tie to compete with walmart, and the signs were changed this morning (april 3), I asked him how he felt this was not false advertising after I was told that it would be on sale until april 11th.

He said there was nothing he could do and next time I should just pay for way more mulch then I needed, not pick it all up and then get a refund so I had enough. (How does that make any sense) So I called 2 different menards that told me they would honor the 180 price because online I couldorder for 1.80 until april 4th and pick it up in the store.(now where in the *** does that make any sense). So I ordered it online, paid for it, went back to the gurnee,illinois store(only because it is the closet)Talked with Matt the manager that I spoke to earlier and he said well I just seen that price online and there was nothing he could've done. I have now wasted over 2 hours of my time just trying to get this mulch for the same price I paid all week and the price I was told it would be until april 11.

What a crock of *** menards needs t train their employees especially there managers on hw to deal with their customers. This is no the first time that I have been treated badly at gurnee menards because their paint department unless you are a female who looks good, really sucks and their electrical departments knowledge of how electricity works is about as good as my cats. Menards what are you thinking do you need money that bad that you would rather have employees that can burn peoples houses down. Luckily we didn't listen to that information, because that would have required an attorney for sure.

I work for a healthcare industry good thing I don't have you training that your employees have, I could kill someone, or give a doctor wrong information, or a family wrong pricing information. Oh and then I asked for corporates phone number and was given an automated machine. Quality work menards. Way to do business.

Train your employees on product knowledge, pricing and customer courtesy. it might be worth your time and money.

If someone grew some balls maybe I could have talked to a ive person and not the internet. oh yea that would have taken away from your profit margin and required customer service skills

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I would like you to train your employees to be knowledgable and courteous and have sale dates on alll your ads.

Menards Cons: Poor customer service, Rude manager, Response of local management, Refund policy.

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So grab the mulch you want.. Bring to customer service..

Return with no receipt, they will give you back the lowest price it ever was on sale, except.. Then tell them.. You know what.. Nevermind I want the mulch still.

BAM, you got it for the price you wanted!

Didn't hear this from me


You went through all this trouble to pobaboy save 10 bucks! Your fault no theirs!




When you need a dozen eggs do you go to the store every day for 12 days to buy 1 egg per day?


This is a competitor store match sale and MENARDS DOES THIS ALL THE TIME. They get the sale flyers from all stores in the local area and will even go to store locations to check prices and match them.

Soon as Walmart goes back to their normal prices Menards will do the same. Menards has every right to do this! Matter of fact they're DOING A CONSUMER LIKE YOURSELF A FAVOR IN THIS SITUATION. Menards does not need to match prices at all, they could have just left it at the regular price the entire time.

Obviously the person you talked with was a newer employee, and it really doesn't matter what you said that person said unless you can prove it was said. Do the world a favor become a better consumer! You want better service right?

Well people working in customer service want better customers! The more you understand and the better you treat people the better service you will get!


Mr Shark Nasty try thinking from the point of view as a human being instead of the menarded way of prejudging everyone as a thief and scam artist. The original white price tag had the amount of $2.97 printed on it and over that was a red price tag with the exact same stock keeping unit (sku) number for $1.80 stating valid though 4/11/2015 which as a menard staff member you would know that their price matching another store with a red tag or sometimes red for a discontinued product however in that case there is no end date.

The menards staff member the customer verified with went by the price tag ending date which would make common sense. What does not make sense is for out of the blue menards corporate to magically pull the plug on the $1.80 promotion on 4/03/2015 when the price tag specifically stated valid though 4/11/2015. That was the customers concern. Then when the confused employee and customer try to approach the store manager regarding why the same was discontinued a week prior to the date indicated on the price tag instead of trying to look into the situation or apologize or adjust the price he has the nerve to blame the customer because their car can only hold 20 bags of mulch at a time.

With the ethics menards holds them self I absolutely would never consider paying for more bags of mulch then I can carry in my vehicle at the same of the sale because its very likely the next day the manager would accuse the customer of attempting fraud when their simply trying to collect the balance of the product their owed. shame on menards yet again.


Nah I remember that price match it stated thru 4/3 I bought a bunch at my local store Then another sale did start soon after. I wasn't mad about it tho.

Supply and demand.

We demand it they supply it pay them or don't that's your choice don't cry afterwards cuz you "thought" it'd be another price. Grow up and start reading signs.


I highly doubt you work in the health care field. That requires a good education and you don't even have the basics of every day basic English grammer down. If you work in health care, maybe it's as a maintenance associate or gardener?


Your probably a Home Depot manager just looking to buy menards inventory of mulch to resell at your store trying to copy the game we pull on your store weekly. Menards may have poorly trained unmotivated staff but at least we know the downright rip off our competition just to further inflate john menards wallet. Next week our staff will be at Home Depot and lowes to buy closeout lumber and roofing materials


Talk about wasting your time... Why do you go every day for a week to buy mulch? Just figure out how much you need and buy it once!


Do you complain this much when prices change at the gas station?


The whole idea of corporations competing against each-other is weird and *** I can raise the price of gas to be greedy or to actually keep from losing money. Corporations are deemed actual people, and if they are wasting time fighting over mulch prices- either 1.

They are greedy or 2. Are trying to stay afloat... Either way we should all be focused on helping each-other by disagreeing with the greedy side of things. If the corporations are battling over mulch price so routinely and so hardcore how do you think they treat their larger cash revenue??

Probably similar to the Mob... Lol "break a leg- or two if they don't agree" is the U.S.A. Inc policy.... Welcome to corporate america how can we rob u today?!

With higher mulch prices or gas prices?? Lmao!!