Lake City, Michigan
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Bougt a MTD rototiller Model 21A-251E00 and Serial #1D247K50172--won't start and I went back to Menards--Menards would not take it back even though I bought and extended warranty and told me to take it to a repair dealer on the warranty slip. Repair shop said that is what you get for buying junk and didn't have time to fix it.

I'm paying extra-to get it fixed and don't even know what it will cost--Menards would do nothing about a refund and didn't have any and would not get any more in this summer. I paid $279.00 for a so called piece of jund.

Customers wanted my comment and I said no comment.

Monetary Loss: $279.

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If you guys don't have the sence to fix a little motor yourself then you have no buisness buying things like this. You are like the rest, Looking for someone to blame.

A little advise.

If you don't want to be disapointed, go to a dealer, edcuatate yourself on the item, spend the extra money. Most important, take responsibility for what you buy, Nobody made you spend your money on anything.


I agree, you are an *** !


It clearly states on the back of your reciept and at the service desk that there is a 30 day over-the-counter exchange policy on gas powered products. If it was over 30 days old, then yes, you do need to take it to a repair dealer. If it hasn't been 30 days yet, than that store is lying and full of ***.

screwed by retail

Be glad you had the extended warranty Even though they did nothing I bought an extended warranty they never enter into their computer So if the fridge I bought that they say I didn't buy broke I paid for a warranty that I didn't have Welcome to Menards


Try returning it a Home Depot. Tell them your wife bought it for you before the divorce and she wont give you the receipt back, just out of spite.

She got the house, and you're lining ina van down by the river, so you clearly have no need for a roto tiller anymore.

They have an extremely liberal returns policy, and hopefully won't notice that you didn't actually buy the tiller there. They'll give you store credit without the receipt, and you can use it to buy hot dogs at the little cart thingie by the door.


probably should have read up on the product ahead of time.