Miamisburg, Ohio

Went to purchase a patio set. It took 75 mins.

for someone to find the table for the set. These people are a joke. After 30 mins. the employees got the manager.

He wasn't any help either. How can you not know where your inventory is located? The manager's comment to me having to wait 75 mins. to get the merchandise was "Things happen." This was the first time I had ever been in a Menards and it will be the last.

I have never seen such uncaring, unprofessional employees. I would not have waited or purchase the set if it had been for myself; but I had gone to shop for a neighbor who is disabled. I guess this is what to expect when John Menard is the owner. I should have known better.

No sale is worth what these people put us through.

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1st visit to a Menards store but you seem to know John Menard and have a negative opinion. Sounds like a bogus complaint to me.


I'm sure you're exaggerating the length of time you waited. Patio furniture at most takes 10-minutes to find and that is if you are a new employee.

Patio furniture is always stocked in the same location, it's all sorted by name and very easy to find BECAUSE IT'S SO HUGE!

You can't miss it! The only time it's hard to find patio furniture is either A) It's discontinued so it's placed in a random location know one knows about or B) It just came in off a truck.