Cheyenne, Wyoming

I feel that customer help is lacking. Menards seems to help when you are in the store and you make a purchase and they have your money and then it ends there.

They can't hand us our receipt, we the customer have to get it from the machine and then when you order something you can't even be given a call that it is in, it is again the customers responsibility to call and check. I think that Menards could hire a person or two to sit there and make calls all day if necessary to the customers. Again it seems all that stores want is our money and once they have it screw the customer on any further service and I also feel I should not have to keep track on the email ither.

Person to Person is what things should be. We have become such an impersonal society that it is ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

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The manager at the Cheyenne store is a rude ****. He walks around with a beanie on looking like a ***.

He acts like it's a prison sentence to talk to a customer. I will never go back again.

Such a ****. And it is a learned behavior by the employees as well.


The manager in the department you order fence and lumber supplies is so rude, he talked to me like I was dumb and I kept acting like I didn't notice, he over and over again talked down to me. I didn't say anything to him about it, I really needed what they had and had no choice but to take the abuse.


FFS it's your shlt. You paid for it.

If you can't figure out the interwebs to find your store and check on the status of the order yourself, you can easily find the number, call the department, and someone will hold your hand. Receiving handles the special orders. The departments don't handle them when they arrive.

Keep track of your own shlt. and if it's sitting there 2 months, it's going on a shelf.


So you would pay more to have several employees call customers all day long to tell them their orders are in. Should these be salaried employees or strait pay?

With or without benefits? How much will your pay for this?

Send Menards a dollar amount.


Cry me a *** river... You mean I have to grab my own receipt? How am I ever going to survive.


You hit it on the head about menards service, it is lacking. Don't buy from them! Go to Home Depot or lowes or even a small hardware store, at least you will get service which menards knows nothing about.


Menards SENDS OUT AN EMAIL WHEN YOUR ORDER IS IN! It's more efficient and smart from a business stand point.

As far as grabbing your receipt goes IS IT REALLY THAT HARD? Everyone wants to be spoon fed these days they cant do anything for themselves.....