Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Just got my $50 "rebate" from Menard's.....

It's NOT a rebate at all, but what amounts to a $50 "gift certificate", forcing you to use the "rebate" at MENARD'S which I do NOT want, OR need......

REBATE means REBATE, NOT gift certificate......I don't WANT anything more from them, but it looks like I'm STUCK with this crummy "rebate....

Next time, If the "rebate" is in the form of an IN-STORE CREDIT, I guess I'll take my money to HOME DEPOT or LOWE'S, and Menard's can go P### into the wind....

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You are such a *** retard. READ YOU *** BAG!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


It clearly states the rebate is in the form of a merchandise credit check. Learn to read you fkucing dmubsiht. Oh and I changed the letters around so they wouldn't be blocked out.


your an ***, do you really think they would send you cash or check in the mail? does lowes or depot send you cash or check in the mail? i think not


Menards is a great place to work and shop if you can read.


maybe you should learn to read the rebate information


So whats the rest of the complaint. $50 rebates require a large original purchase which you apparantly were willing to make. So what happened that you no longer want to shop there.


I had the most absurd nightmare. I was poor and no one liked me.


Buy some milk and shut up


Their promotions and signs are pretty clear that the rebates are in the form of a merchandise credit check. What did you expect to get?

Menards sells plenty of thing every one can use everyday.

If you don't need lumber or tools, you can always pick up some food, cleaning supplies or toilet paper, all things you need to buy somewhere. Use your credit check and buy them from Menards.