Clio, Michigan

I Sent in a Rebate and never recieved it I dont Have a Tracking Number but it says you mailed me one on 11-29 2012 for theamount of 52.50 where is it I never recieved it, what a rip off The Clio Location was no help at all Pissed Consumer Nick Clark 9205 Neff Rd Clio, Mi 48420Home Phone # 810-686-5078 this is bull *** you cant even file a basic complaint because you have to write a 100 word complaint and you dont need 100 words to tell you that your rebate center riped me off on a $508.78 purchace

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $53.

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As an employee at menards can I ask a question. Did you track your rebate on

If not try that. You do not need a tracking number just need to know your name and address. After you check to see if it was sent then you can inquire further online. If it says it was sent it will tell you what day it was sent.

If it was sent a few weeks ago then well there is a section that you can ask about it. They cqn either put a stop to that one and send you another one or check further into it.

I am sorry the store you went to didn't explain this and hopefully this helps if you listen. But like most " guests " who are pissed you probably won't and still complain about poor service that you didn't get


as a menards EMPLOYEE i'm sorry to hear this but honestly the rebates are managed by a different company all together. we have no way of knowing when you'll get it, how much you'll get, etc.

not even our general office knows.

if you ever have any questions just go in and ask an employee, they should know (or at least someone that will know) how to fill them out. it's not rare that they get sent to the wrong address or the forms are filled out wrong.


It seems like a lot of posters think this website has some direct affiliation with Menards. Perhaps the URL is misleading?


Several things can happen to a rebate; the two most common being stolen in the mail and filled out incorrectly.


By chance did you receive it and throw it away? The rebates look like a post card and if this is your first one you may not have realized what you had and threw it out.