Rapid City, South Dakota

Last Wednesday 6/3, got an invitation in the mail for a contractor lunch. The date for that lunch was 6/2!

Went to the contractor construction desk to see if the date was a mistake. Talked to the construction managar Erick who told me that the lunch was yesterday. Said they had some delays getting the invitations out. He told me that it was unfortunate that I didn't get a personal invite by "us".

He said sorry & wanted to know what he could do to make it right. He is saying all this, but doesn't even know who I am! I've spent over $31,000 there since 2005 & he doesn't even know my name! Thinks he is too good to call me himself.

The arrogant *** asked me who my rep was. Guess what ***. Thats your job to know things like that. He can't even handle going to the post offfice in time.

On the way out the store, asked the checkout lady what his purpose was & even she said all he does is sit at his desk & design houses all day. I know what being a manager is about & that is NOT it!

I will NEVER go back!. I feel insulted & have told everybody I know about this.

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Come On! You are upset that you missed a free brat and some chips?

Wow! Give me your address and I'll send you $5 for tomorrow's lunch.





I've been contracting in the Rapid area for a long time. Kurt is the contractor manager & I've done business with him for years.

You need to talk to his secretary. She's the older red haired lady at the desk.

Her name is Kat or maybe Kate? I'm sure she's the one that takes care of all the papework & sets up the invite list.


mcdocs you really think that home depot has better service than menards I have been in several home depots all across michigan and their help is f'n retarted and turn their head when you walk into the departments... i've only ever had a good home improvement experience with menards and even though they don't remember my name they still treat me like a person when i walk through the door.


Are you Menardites adolescents, or are you really this obtuse? One can get a steak at any number of restaurants, but it is the service that brings customers back.

With your attitude as employees, people will not return to your store, when the service, reliable information and assistance of the staff is so much better at Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware.

Whether it is $31,000 or $31, you should be grateful for every bit of money a customer brings into the store, so that you can keep your undeserved jobs. Shame on you!


I'm in total agreement w/ everyone else here. so what you spent about $8k a year at the store, others do spend much more.

only 8 grand a year, sounds like business is slow for you. Now I understand why you were so pissed, you were counting on that free meal.

It must be frustrating to miss an opportunity to stuff your face for free and pocket some hot dogs and hambergers to bring back to your wife and kids. On a final note, I know for a fact that at my store the contractor reps spend the entire week before the contractor lunch making phone calls to there best accounts.


31000 in 4 years whoopidy do lol wtf? man I was gonna say more but everyone else has pretty much got it covered Did your mommy spank you the night before and get you angry that day?

:grin I happen to have an addiction to Mcdonalds and pretty sure I have spent thousands of dollars there over the years too and would you believe I still dont expect them to remember my name to this day. :grin


Congratulations on spending $31,000 in the past 4 yrs.! That would actually be a hefty sum at a few Menard stores, but not at Rapid City.

They have some contractors that drop $31,000 every 2 weeks.

Hooray for you!


Your an ***. What exactly did you expect him to do for you?

As notsayin said, the Rapid City store has been the #1 store in the company for years. Fair to assume very busy. They have probably closer to 1000 construction COMPANIES they work with. Most companies have multiple employees. All the sudden the number of people you expect him to know the names of off hand are in the several thousands.

Who exactly told you, or how did you determine he was even the manager? "Checkout ladies" discription sure sounds like the estimator. They are the guys who do house quotes from blueprints.

Think you're pissed at the wrong dude.


Eric sounds like the ESTIMATOR not the manager. In which case the ESTIMATOR does sit at his desk all day, and ESTIMATE things like your projects.


(1)If you've never talked to Erick,how can you expect him to know who you are???

(2)Rapid City is one of,if not the busiest store in the company. Their contractor club probably has 500+ members and maybe 4-5 sales reps. Do you think he sits around memorizing which rep has which contractor assigned to them?

(3)Yeah,the "checkout lady" knows everything about everybody's job in the whole store. Right.

(4)If you've spent $31,000 there,that means you've probably got pretty good service at that store. So you missed out on a burger and some chips. Big f'ing deal. Grow up.

Go somewhere else and pay higher prices and get worse service. If you're smart enough to figure that out,you'll come back. But I doubt you're that smart.