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I purchased a chest freezer on 3/2/13. On 5/4/13 I discovered the freezer was not working and I had lost all the foods that were in it.

Later I learned that there was no freon in the unit. I was refunded for the freezer but I want to be reimbursed for my lost food. I was told by Menard's that unfornately there was nothing they do about my food.

I was not able to speak with a manager when I entered the store. I only had the freezer 2 months and I think it only fair that my food is replaced by this reputable establishment.

Review about: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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First off your problem lies within brand choice. Criterion is COMPLETE DOG *** Put lightly.

They bought a criterion mic. At work to heat frosting and its buzzing loudly a few months later.2.

Sears kenmore is simply rebadged lg and the likeId call menards corporate or find out what company makes the criterion freezers and give them a hollar. Menards can and should replace your food.

to Geoff #1502462

Sears Kenmore used to be made mainly by Whirlpool. No they send out specs for appliances they want built and will take bids from any manufacturer and have them built by whoever submits the lowest bid. You never know who made it.


Do not go to these "Big box" stores and expect great appliances or service from them.They sell CHEAP models and always of China origin.These stores have destroyed Sears and many other great old American companies that sold more expensive MADE IN AMERICA appliances and backed them up in a manner you now only wish you could get!Caveat Emptor! (buyer beware)


Just bought one. Stay tuned


So how did you keep the food cold for 2 months without any coolant? Something not right there eh?

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States #1276300

You might try checking with your home owner's or renter's insurance and see if they will cover the lost food.

to Anonymous #1499400


to Anonymous #1499429

Deductibles are usually at $250.00 or above!

Appleton, Wisconsin, United States #1271384

Several years ago, my daughter and her husband spent over $1,000 on a new brushed stainless refridgerator/freezer. They NEVER got the $100 rebate they were due, even though they contacted Menards' headquarters multiple times.

I DETEST Menards' rebate system. It's very dishonest.

to Kipp #1361048

We never have problems with the Menards Rebate System. Can't recall ever not getting the rebate from them.

to Roger Dodger #1376512

If you "can't recall ever not getting the rebate", does that mean you possibly have Alzheimer's? I myself recall several times not receiving their "store use only" rebates. *** on them!

to Jim jones #1499402


to Nancy Drew #1399228

Damn Nancy Drew, its inconceivable that anyone wound have an experience other than your own, isn't it?

to Kipp #1524989

You can track you rebates at rebateinternational.com

Tullahoma, Tennessee, United States #1239723

If there were no freon in the unit, it never would have froze stuff in the first place.

to Anonymous #1361046

I imagine there was Freon in the unit to start but leaked out causing unit to loose its cold temperatures. Might want to check with your insurance carrier and see if the food loose is covered.

It should be. Also Menards should stand behind it as most freezers have at least a One Year Warranty.

to Roger Dodger #1405966

It's the manufacturer that stands behind their products, not the retail store. As with most warranties they either cover repair or replacement, and the freezer was replaced.

You won't find many warranties that cover food loss. Do you relay thing a company making a $150 freeze can cover the cost of food that could easily be hundreds more than the cost of the freezer?

to Anonymous #1499416



To all of you saying this is a manufactures issue and not a Menards issue, if the freezer was a Criterion brand then it is a Menards issue because Menards holds the trademark for that brand.

Becker, Minnesota, United States #944274

i also had this problem. i was told to email them the receipt so they could approve a return. it has been 3 weeks since i emailed them and still have not heard back.

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