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I spent over $13,000 on a kitchen remodel and bought my cabinets at the exasperating Evansville, Indiana store.The so-called designer made an error on the CAD drawing which forced me to spend more money on additional cabinets and brought construction to a halt for 3 weeks.

Then, regarding the cabinets they should NOT have put on the order, I got "No ma'am, you absolutely cannot return those two cabinets, they were special order." They also lost the entire computer file (read here - most likely deleted it when they saw they made the error because the guy got up and left the area for a few minutes to go to another computer, returned, and after "searching" for a while, said it was gone. Yes I still have the printout of the file though). They refuse to admit they made a mistake, and the store manager, C. M., is a *** who only cares about covering his own rear end and tells "Guest Services" he talked this over with me several times with the resolution that I didn't want to return the unnecessary cabinets.

He called ONE time and that was nearly 6 weeks after the cabinets came in. Also, the Eau Claire Guest Services will "only do business by mail".....snail mail. They don't thoroughly read the mail you send them, so their answers are inane and uninformed. They also did not respond to the BBB complaint until 3 weeks after the case was closed.

Completely frustrating, unbelievable indifference, and outright denial. Even after numerous letters of explanation of the problem, Guest Services still was saying it was a manufacturer's problem. Now that the Attorney General is involved, they are saying they offered to take them back and I said no, but when I asked for that in writing, they refused.

NEVER NEVER NEVER again.My contractor referred his next remodel to another store after seeing what lousy service Menard's has.

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I just stumbled upon this posting. I used to design for Menards. Menards does not have any kind of design training or program for people who are designers. I worked in the millwork dept. and sold doors and windows and they needed a designer so i volunteered. That is how serious they take their design training. However, I was very interested in it and quickly became a top designer. I paid attention to the customers needs and made sure that every detail was covered thoroughly. As I was aware that I had had no formal training. I am now an experienced designer and and no longer work for Menards. I feel very bad that you had such a horrible experience. The idea that they would have deleted what you needed from the system to save their skin does not surprise me. I have seen it done. Which is exactly why I no longer work for them. It is too bad that you had such an awful experience. Remodeling your kitchen can be a fun and enjoyable experience when everything goes smoothly. I hope that in the future you don't shy away from doing it. Just be sure to ask the designer for credentials or perhaps some sort of portfolio before beginning the project. Thank you for reading.
sulinder G
i came in there a week ago and this asian guy or whatever he is was so rude to me its unreal, he was shouting at me and disrespected me. i even brought it up to employees and they said they couldnt do anything. as long as that guy is there, ill never shop there again. hes very rude.
his name started with an R i believe.
Bob: Very clearly you haven't read all the notes here. I did supply measurements and they did NOT follow the measurements. That's pretty plain and simple. Enough said.
El Ray
They gave it everything. And you know, it wasn't good enough. It wasn't good enough for me, wasn't good enough for you, wasn't good enough for anybody!
I'm just going to say this: You signed a contract, did you not? A team member designed a kitcken for you. Did you supply the measurements that were used in the design? I'm sure you did, or had the contractor take them, as Menard's doesn't do this. That is one of the ways they have to "CYA"....I'm just saying the mistake began when you signed the contract. There is a no return policy on special order items.

I am a former employee of Menards Evansville. I resigned in Januarary of this year, and my friend that makes statements about "take the money" chants.....well, you must come from a store that is a little more than corrupt. It is part of the motto, do all that is necessary to "make the sale", last resort if you can't "up sell" is to just "take the money."
We never chanted, hummed, sang or whistled "take the money." I was an assitant in the Yard/Rec dept, and have seen my fair share of ticked of customers because special orders were wrong. Both parties share responsibilities in this matter. :eek
Employees have to be careful what they say on social networking sites, or even pages like these. Big brother corporate office is everywhere, watching for things to fine employees for. Its like a jealous spouse always looking for signs of cheating where there is none, and then actually poisoning the marriage with that mistrust.
Sounds to me like you have your head together. The only thing I have to do with Menards anymore is strengthening customers' defense and taking shortcuts through their parking lot. They won't be sending me a fine anymore!
I agree that there really is no good context for "take the money" since I doubt they were enthusiastically chanting about customers returning merchandise and taking the money home. A company policy of requiring an employee to pay for a mistake may not be illegal, but I feel it is unethical....unless the employee did it maliciously or habitually made the same costly mistake and had been forewarned of the consequences of repeating the mistake.
I'll be happy to walk away from this with my money back and the confidence that I need never darken the door of Menards again. It doesn't hurt that a coworker told me yesterday that she and her husband bought all their new carpet through Home Depot last week rather than Menards, as had been their original plan.
I hope there are Menards stores out there that don't employ the tactics the Evansville, IN store does, and I hope they have the increased business to show that this is what works. Likewise, I hope the stores that use mercenary actions against its customers have the failing business they so richly deserve.
Let's hope the economy improves or else there will be no joy at Menards on either side of the name tag.

Well I would like to know what store you worked at so I never transfer to it. In the 15 years I have worked there I have never seen a G.O yell at a manager or a guest and if they do or did they should have been fired on the spot. And take the money = so our competitors don’t get the money!! Who ever did you training never did a good job that’s for sure. And yes Schrock are one of the nicest cabinets they sell I prefer Medallion.

Oh and at the stores I have worked at yes if the team member screwed up the order then the store or the team member got to pay for there mess up (PRD) not the guest and so yes the guest did get to take the money home if they returned the merchandise. And all so unless they have changed the bounces you speak of that to would be taken back when the product is returned to. And as far as I can tell Menard’s is not saying its Schrock’s fault just that store. When did you work for Menard’s any ways they been open since 1962.

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