Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

bought some siding at menards in rice lake went in yard to pick it up, they couldn't find it, when they did find it they just threw it off the second floor the boxes were all ripped up siding was all over ,there is no way i was going to take that siding home , their were three of them ,and all of them thought it was funny. it was like it was a big joke. there is no sence of care for their mechandise somebody needs to do a surprise visit there and buy something and they will see exactly what i mean.

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The International Falls store has vastly improved as of late. I started shopping there again and love the service and the whole atmosphere.


international falls menards has slightly damaged to just plain wrecked merchandise in their dumpsters all the time. We have seen it numerous times.

The younger people they hire don't seem to care how they treat the customers either. They *** about having been at work since 5am, don't provide good customer service, can't order special orders correctly...multiple times. It's unnacceptable. We as consumers, should not feel like we are putting them out as they are doing their jobs!

We could all go elsewhere!

The last time i was in another menard's location and got the "tude" I told another higher up and said I would go elsewhere! won't you join me?


FYI...Menards does, as do all major retailers, so secret shops to prevent these kinda of behaviors from happening. If you get busted by a secret shopper at Menards for doing wrong, you get in big trouble and could be fired.


i was there and this is not true