Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I recently speical orderd 52 bndls. of shingles and tryed to return 4.

I was fully aware that I would be charged 25% restocking fee . The gate gard did the paperwork and a yard worker took the shingles. When I went in to return, a manager would not give me a credit. Now they have my shingles and wont give me a refund minus 25%.

The manager said that it is their discression if they will give a refund. Both the assistant manager and the head manager were so rude to me. I live in Lake Geneva, and their is a Home Depot and a Dunn Lumber a lot closer than driving to Burlington. So I go out of my way to patronize Menards and this is how they treat me.

Not even a in store credit. I wish I knew of something I could do to have this made right.

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Returns of Special Orders:

Special order items may be refunded at Menards® sole discretion with a 25% restocking fee.

That means they MAY take it back, and if they do it will probably have a 25% fee. I work the service desk, and usually if we stock it we don't even charge the 25%. But again, its the manager's discretion


Did you ever think about keeping some in case some blew off your house? When I bought my house, I was so happy the person that owned it before me left three bundles in the attic because I had to replace some.

Plus what is the store going to do with four bundles of shingles they don't stock? It's just too bad the consumer doesn't realize that by having the retailer take care of their error is what helps drive up the cost of products.


Hey Heartless, your too *** yo be an educator


I'm your educator.


Hey Heartless, I did not steal anything. I did not feel like going back to the yard and reloading those shingles.

No place to store them if I did. As for spelling,who are you, Teresa Nielsen Hayden?


Umm they would not keep your shingles without issuing a refund or instore credit, that would be stealing. You're not telling the whole story.

The only time they do that is when they believe you are a thief. Also you need a lot of help with spelling.