Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I bought two keys from the minute key machine. While both keys were cut correctly, it seems that since I paid with a credit card, I was charged tax for each key.

When I called the magic 1-800 number, I got someone that didn't know his *** from a whole in the ground. The cost for each key is $4.00. But I was charged $4.46 per key because I chose to pay with a credit card. How conveniently inconvenient.

Had I paid cash I would have only paid $4.00. Oh, and a month later, I received my receipts via e-mail.

Next time I go past that machine, I'm going to paste a note telling people to not use their credit cards. God forbid the key wasn't cut correctly, who knows what kind of trouble I would have gone through.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Well you were luckier than me - I used their kiosk in a Lowes and within 3 hours after using it to pay for the keys - my credit card was fraudulently used multiple times for on-line purchases --- even though I had it in my wallet and it was never left my wallet after it was used in their kiosk. The CC company alerted me to the issue and now I have to change all my automatic payments to my new card.

What a mess. I will never use them again.


It costs to process your credit card transaction. They charged you that cost go cry to your mother.


If you noticed you were also offered the chance to buy a key for $1.49 when you used your credit card. This doesn't happen when you pay with cash so even with tax you can end up paying less when you use your credit card. Keep in mind that Minute key also has to pay a fee to the credit card company that they don't have to pay when you use cash.


This is filed incorrectly. Your issue is with MinuteKey not Menards.

Would you blame a WalMart if you rented something from Redbox and it did not go well? I a smart individual would correctly site Redbox, not Walmart. Menards has nothing to do with this complaint.

They don't own MinuteKey. MinuteKey pays Menards to be located at Menards, that's the only profit Menards gets from the deal.


Due to the fact the minute key machine is located permanently on menards property they are directly responsible for failures and issues of the machines. Imagine going to a gas station and the pump charges your credit card but gas is never dispensed, the store takes liability for defective equipment who is serviced by and outside company.

Or if your at a fast food restaurant and the soda dispenser machine in the lobby is broken the staff just can't say too bad were keeping your money anyways. Menards choose these machines to eliminate the store staff from having to provide customer service / labor to the customer. Another 1 of the 1300+ menards complainants on here from roughly a year ago was reguarding how the minute key machine produced 2 defective keys and the store staff offered nothing but excuses and the toll free number just connected to you to some overseas person who barley speaks english. Take your business that provides genuine customer service cutting keys where the store employee cuts them using the correct blank and has the option to recut if they should fail to operate.

Unfortunately many smaller hardware stores have gone under directly due to these big box balloons taking over.

Also menards chooses to allow the direct tv panhandlers to roam the store stalking customers over and over because both direct tv and minute key give a percent of the profit to menards.

Its also menards choice not to permit the salvation army volunteers to bring their red kettles into the menards front lobbies, or permit girl scouts to sell cookies for their troop since neither is a profit for menards.

shame on big box stores for continue to ruin small cities across the land

@mr customer

You all have forgotten that you live in America. SMH