Madison, Wisconsin

Went to Menards and asked about Miltary Discount. was told they stopped it. I think it is incredulous that

a Wisc based company that has so many Military Units in its state does not afford a slight discount, it is

not like people are asking for 50%. John Menard made billions from Menards enough to sustain a racing team, but the predecessors can't afford a discount for the Military Members that support their

freedom and security. Home Depot does, Lowe's does. Menards just lost over $400 in sales, I walked

out and left it @ the counter. Ours is a Mil Family and this is a slap in the face. GOODBYE MENDARDS


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This will completely enrage a few folks, so be it. Yes 12 month deployments are a real test on a family's strength.

Yes putting my life on the line in some foreign country whose inhabitants hate America is scary.

But, I did enjoy tax free combat pay - no taxes on my income. I enjoy the housing allowance that allowed me to pay rent, cable, and electric and still have some money to go out once or twice a month. I got college educated for free on the GI bill and after serving got a GOOD job making lots of money.

I didn't get rich, my marriage was tested regularly, and I lost friends.

I don't deserve a discount at a retailer.

I served, it was my job and I joined mainstream America. Thank you for thinking of me - but I did just fine without a discount.


Although you may not agree with this reviews approach, disrespecting anyone that has sacrificed for our country is the most heinous expressions on this post. I agree that there are multitudes of professions that sacrifice, very few compare to 12 month deployments with great deals of stress and little compensation.

The choice to serve is often based on patriotism, not compensation. A discount is not a built in privilege, it is a nice token of gratitude.

So if you have never served please don't disrespect those that have, even if you disagree.


So much for serving with honor...


I got the discount for beinga hard american biceped dude. I think your biceps need to be 2.5 inches in diameter, what happened after the military?

Do I get an aiditional discount for being born in america?

How much? anyone know?


If you look at the cost of the products you buy from menards and the cost of the same products you buy at Home Depot with a military discount you are still saving money at menards. But if you want to be ignorant and spend more money on the same the same things just to make a point, by all means go for it.

As I tell the guests that come to my store its your choice to be mad about it, and see ya in a few hrs when you realize our prices are cheaper.

@Angered employee

When you are the cheapest doesn't mean its the best....different product brands you must be comparing. Nice try though.

And if your prices are cheaper...i still go to lowes because they will match it and beat it by 10%. When they do this....menards wont beat that price, but just match it...hmmmmmm....keep putting money in nascar.


So please tell me your military family member's name so I can let them know how their relative is using their service to complain about discounts they are not entitled to. You are some piece of work.

A discount is a courtesy not a right, and to demand one shows how cheap you are. If you left a cart of merchandise over a discount, then please let all your family know how immature and childish and cheap you are.


i always thank vets that come into our store. we may not give out a military discount and at times i feel bad because of what they did have to give up but at the same time it isn't fair to others who serve us as well and as previously states (firefighters, police officers, etc.)


As a Vetran, I think most of what was said is good and to the point.

Just want to say that those that are or feel entitled are those that support Obama. What other reason would anyone vote him back into office.

He did what exactly to help out the vets. Humm lets see, he never showed up to honor the fallen Soldiers all four years. That's one slap, x 4. Then pulls out the troops from Iraq?

All against the advice of the generals. Yup I feel good about that but to what extent? Sorry got off on the wrong foot here. Spread it around to the vets, We cannot use a President that bows to the enemy.

Prints more money without the gold to back it up.

Hey lets give credit were credit is due. Not to those that feel entitled.

Have a nice vote and maybe we will not have fight with fellow vets. JM


Yes I am a Veteran also, And I have spent Quite a few Dollars in Menards and I cannot believe they are have gotten so tight and cheap they cannot give Military Discount's. but Walmart does not either and their is a few other store's out their .

I am a Disabled vet for you the American people. I thank all of you, especially you Buisness owners that cannot give a Military person Break.

Thank's for standing behind us and letting the Military Men and Women Work for you. Just so you can turn your Back's on them.


You're right, sir. Why not get 10% off gas, a new vehicle, your mortgage, groceries, NFL tickets, hotels, anal beads, and everything else in this world?


Take a number, pal!The employees haven't had a cost of living rasie in 10+ years, and most of the full timers are maxed out on raises......


Sad, Yes VERY SAD one can take greed so far. what did you expect when u signed up grunt.

someone to toss you candy bars every other round.....why *** I bet you thought everyone owes u a free meal, get over yourself what u faught for was freedom not only to be free but to free speach. and that includes the right to refuse your sorry ***


I would love to add my Grandpa/Dad/both my uncles(one died in Vietnam) and my brother all have been in the military and they think people like you're a total JOKE. It was a career choice nothing more.

It does not make you entitle you to anything such a silly 10% DISCOUNT.

Nor did you join because of it so STFU.... YOU LITTLE BlTCH.




They didn't stop the discount to save money. They stopped it because it was not right!

There other professions out there that make this country great! Like teachers/policemen/doctors/firefighters even janitors.

You're the problem with this country come on here to disgrace the military over a 10% discount. YOU SIR ARE A *** JOKE.


Didn't think people joined the military to save $.22 on a 2x4. Loser