Vermillion, South Dakota

Here is a good one for you. I recently purchased several interior light fixtures from Menards. When I inquired about the 10% discount offered to military members I was told by the Service Manager that " It was no longer Menard's policy to offer a discount to members of the Armed Forces because it was seen as (unfair) discriminitory toward the civilian sector." I can't help but feel like this was a total dis. It's true that soldiers volunteer to serve our our country, its citizens and the priniciples of democracy (and to some extend capitalism).

I would say 10% is not too much to ask for those who have spend many a night in tents with sand fleas and mortar fire, low pay and high risk. Months away from their families and country;sacrifce of life and limb(s). So tell me who is really being discriminated against.

Not whinning just pissed.

R. Parker Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I was at Menard's yesterday. I was buying a $369 snowblower, and yes, it was on sale, but when I asked about the military discount, I was told that it was good on regular priced items only, because if they gave it for sale items, they would not make money.

Well, I left it there, because the last time I looked, I wasn't making a *** dime off fighting in Iraq and getting my back jacked up, so all those anti-veterans on this post can kiss my *** unless you're ready to strap it on and defend this Country.

By the way, only SIX PERCENT of Americans have ever been in the military, and I'm sure that on any given day SIX PERCENT of American veterans are not asking for a discount. Lowe's here I come!


I worked at Menards and had to tell vets that we would match everything on competitors estimate they had brought with them, except military discount. Alot of times the competitor was cheaper and I told them to purchase it at the competitor.

I could have been fired for that, but I am a vet myself and think that is not fair.

Sometimes, I would even fudge the paperwork to make it look like we gave the discount for something else so we wouldn't catch grief from the corporate office. It was a proud day when I left that place.


Where am I to be during all this?


So you didn't get a militery discount? Big deal!

If you don't like then don't shop here.

Simple as that. Comprende??


OK, Menards doesn't offer the discount for the military except on the holidays like Veterans day, Momorial Day & 4th of July. Lowes, Sutherlands & Home Depot still offer it.

What *** me off is the attitude of the young employee's about the whole thing.

Plus, only service animals are allowed in Menards. Lowes & Home Depot allow are pets in the store as long as they stay in the cart.


Home Depot still has their 10% discount. All you have to do is show your ID. I have done it at various stores around the US.


Last i checked, if it wasn't for our armed forces, Menards wouldn't be able to buy/sell/trade.

A lot of places hopped on the "military discount band wagon" after 9/11 and have since fallen off. Take your business to Lowes. Home Depot dropped their discount as well.

maybe we don't feel "entitled" to a discount, but I tell ya what.... a few bucks off on a light bulb is a great way to say "thanks".

Oh and to the cop... I'm sure you get free donuts somewhere right?!?!


I'm a police officer and put my life on the line daily. Should I expect a discount.

Heck no! Suck it up Sally!


good point J300, menards should fire all their employees and only hire single mothers that are on welfare so they can feed their crack babies


My husband's in the Air Force and I support all those in the military. Yes, its true you serve your country voluntarily.

But, I do believe as an appreciation to our military members military discount should be given in most places (depending on what your getting). If it wasn't for our military this country wouldn't be what it is today. They give up their lives to protect you. Is ashamed that people comment and they have no clue what the military has to go through.

If you don't know don't comment. Why don't you join and then you can comment. No one knows a darn thing but yet they have the guts to open their mouths. Remember they are in the military so you won't have to go in.

To the welfare people there are better jobs out there than mcdonalds. It's their choice to work in a place where they don't get enough money.

Many of them are just lazy and have the country paying for there behinds to be sitting on the couch. I'm really upset at those who don't even put their lives out there and yet talk about those who do.


$#!%, it looks like you joined for nothing.


You voulunteered for it, no one held a gun to your head and told you to join the armed forces, so i'm sorry you chose to serve your contry, do you want them to wipe your *** for you to? Jesus, people want a discount for everything these days.


If the discount is no longer offered it is no longer offered. Get over it. Lose the sense of entitlement.


Menards doesn't offer the military discount, big deal. They have lower prices than everyone all the time.

You probably want it free huh? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate what you do but a company doesn't have to do anything for you if they don't want. Accept it as their policy, do not get on any employees case about it since they don't make the policies, and simply get over it.

Memorial day is a day that you have a chance at getting your mility discount of 10% I think it is on a customer by customer basis which means they don't advertise it. (Depends on the general manager)


if it wasnt for them boys over there getting shot at.none of you people would have to worry about welfare.because there would be no goverment to give you welfare.think about it


Yes, I agree with peopel that serve to serve not to get teh discount, but I also read that you said HD was doing the discount at the time? IF this was the case they should of according to there policy accepted your id and gievn you the discount.

I know of it being done in past and told to of doing it. As for no longer doing it i dont think that was true I would contact the General Office and file a complaint.



I too can see many people that do not deserve welfare. My point being that to SERVE your country is to protect the freedoms we have have here at home.

Personally I am more ready to give any percentage of taxation to help support the troops and their familes (and actually I already have a few members of my family "over there" that I do support and donate to the cause) so that when they do eventually come home they don't have to worry about whether or not they get a discount.

My axiom in this remark is that if you sign up to defend your country do just that, do not expect a pay-back in return.


J300- Sounds like you just like being nasty to people who stand on the watch tower for your freedom to say all those mean things. Shame on you!

Its not about who deserves it more, and honestly I can name several people on welfare who dont deserve a darn thing just because they are plain lazy and expect to do nothing with their lives. Even go so far and sell their babies formula for drugs and booze. So before you compare those fighting for YOU, with some folks on welfare who deserve nothing but a swift kick in the rear, you should rethink.

Thank God for our military. And GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Wow, your situation must be horrible compared to all of the single-mothers on welfare in America trying to feed their children on the wages they make working at fast-food restaurants and tips. Wow, your terrible story of not getting a 10% discount truly astonishes me compared to the 35.9 and 12.9 children that deserve it more than you.

That was the reason you went to serve your country in the first place right? To help prevent and make right the wrongs in your own country? To better the lives of the millions around you in pain and suffering? To protect and serve?

Leadership and Integrity? Steadfast and Strong? Honor Courage Comintment?

Libertatem Defendimus?

Tell me if I'm wrong, but last time I remember the terms of "serving your country" it didn't include a 10% discount because you were too cheap to pony up the difference to support an American-owned company that still to this day gives back to its employees.