Indianapolis, Indiana

Shopped at P.Pike Store, Indianapolis. Had cart of 9 items.6 were furnace filters.

65.00worth of products in cart. All checkout line busy (3) busy with price checks. Employee on 6 items or less register REFUSED to ck us out and we were the only ones in HER LINE !!!! Cashier thought it was funny when my wife told her to restock the items that we were going elsewhere .

It seems logical to me if you are in business to make money satisfying your customers you would take care of them, FIRST & FOREMOST. How much is this cashier costing the Company ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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can you read ? 6 items or less.

I hate jerks with nine items who try to use the six items or less when I have three! good for them you ***


I bet something was going on that you could not comprehend. When you decided to not be patient and be another rude self entitled customer THEY LAUGHED AT YOU! :x