Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Here's the deal. Menards messed up our order.

We order fence materials, going to the store with a drawing of our fence in hand. It took three different attempts to get the order placed. Took over a week longer to receive the order. When we finally had the materials, we realized we were missing 4 end posts and the gate hardware.

Called the store. They indicated we can buy locally and they'd reimburse. Had to hand cut holes in the new posts. Realized the gate assemblies wouldn't work.

But finally started the project. Mixed and poured the concrete, set the first two posts. Started the gate assembly and learned the posts delivered/ordered were too tall. Called the store again, who reassured me I had the right posts, leave them in the ground, they'd reorder the gate sections.

This was a Saturday. Monday afternoon the store called to tell me we had the wrong posts. So, we have two wrong posts cemented in the ground and a bunch of worthless posts. Menards is blaming the manufacture.

They will only refund 75% of our cost and $300 for extracting the cemented posts. I want it all out. I've spent hours on this, along with several friends and family. I want the to refund me the cost of materials and the cost for having a contractor do the job now.

But they wont. They suck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Deal.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Hate to break it to you, but if you really are in New Jersey, there are no Menards stores there.


I am very sorry to tell you this but Menards does not give refunds for stupidity. Your first mistake is not reading your material list and verifying that all items are correct.

Please read the fine print on your special orders. Most retailers charge a restocking fee.

@Just me

Actually the first mistake was shopping at Menards. They do not and will not value their customers.


I do not think retail stores refund for stupidity.. Read the fine print on special orders... there is always a restocking fee.




You're problem.