Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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I was in Mennards Tues Dec 20 about 9:30. There were only 2 checkouts only. There were 7 employees standing at the counter behind the registers talking. After waiting for 5 min, I asked if could check out my 3 items at the counter. I was told NO in a snotty voice. Afterwards I asked why they would check open another register or check people out at the return counter like Home Depot HD next store. A very arrogant manager told me I was full of it. I will be moving most Eden Prairie business back to Home Depot where my business is appreciated. I will still use other Mennards when convenient.

I have had many problems the Eden Prairie, MN Mennands over the last 15 years. Mostly getting competent help, such as placing orders at Millwork. It was clear that they just did not care. I avoided this store for along time. When the Eden Prairie, first opened it was very good. Now its slipping back into its old ways.

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were the employee's behind the the counter even clocked in, at my menards store its not uncommon for 5 or 6 cashiers to show up at the same time, and you are allowed to clock in any earlier that 5 minutes before when your scheduled. they might have been waiting to clock in


Hmmm. You misspelled Menards.


Woody wood *** head is obviously a well versed former retail employee. Decades of knowledge in this guy...what a joke.


Man, So Sad and Retail Manager what an obvious couple of f--king @ssholes, plain and simple. Actually you can take this as a compliment.


OK, "So Sad" and "20 Year Retail Manager". It's true that not every employee is a cashier and not ever checkout has a cash box.

And maybe there was an extenuating circumstance that prevented them from helping their customer - they still should have been polite. But I'd be curious to know if this store had the same sign on it that both of the ones near us have posted as you enter: "If there are more than 2 customers waiting to check out, we will open a new lane.

Guaranteed." Maybe not the exact wording, but that was the message. Menards need to raise their level of customer service if they want to compete.


Sorry - I forgot this part - Of course you'll still shop Menards "when convenient" - best prices - best people - Hope it's not convenient too often - Home Depot - enjoy your new customer!!!!


What were the folks talking about - perhaps how to help a co-worker in need? perhaps how to help feed the homeless in the area for Christmas?

perhaps someone just shoplifted an item and they were filling out a report.

But you (just like most of the impatient, impolite guests out there) just has to come 100% first no matter what any other circumstances might be in play. That's the problem with alot more than just retail people don't think of anything besides themselves - GROW UP!!!!!!!


Obviously you have no knowledge of how retail works. Just another *** spouting off at the mouth about something they know nothing about/ Not every register can be opened because not ever register has a cash drawer in it.

Also not every employee is a cashier. Each employee has their role or job within the company and that may not be as a cashier.

Whiny people like you should be forced to work retail for a week during the holiday season so you can see the *** like you that they deal with. Get over it.