Flint, Michigan
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On 11-2-2012, we purchased a Professional Series (Model PS72541) chest freezer from Menards. Per the manual instructions, we set the freezer temperature control to its highest setting & filled the freezer with 1/2 side of frozen grass feed beef.

After returning home from a 5 day trip, we noticed a foul smell. Blood was leaking from the bottom of the freezer.

We removed the thawed, stinking, bloody, spoiled meat & returned the freezer. Menards' manager response was "I wish I could give you $5,000 for your loss but I can't." The manufacturer has not returned our calls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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These are a low priced disposable freezer made in China. They are disposable because they would cost more to repair than to replace.

During the warranty period a freezer like this can be returned for an exchange, there is no coverage for lost food. Always make sure a freezer is cooling before filling it with food.


I lost approx $250.00 in meat and other freezer food. Not happy with this freezer or company.


Any phone number to contact the manufacturer?


Ours also quit working after a little over a year. Has anyone tried to repair their freezer after it went out? If yes, what part did you replace and where did you get it?



If i new who the manufacture was that's who I would contact. Tried to look up online but no info. Called Menards they no longer carry this brand.


The same thing happened to me. The freezer was only 4 months old.

I lost hundreds in meat. This freezer sucks


I bought the same freezer in February and had the same issue.we got the freezer for a half cow and a whole hog and now 4 months later the freezer stopped working and all the meat thawed. The freezer stinks and won't even freeze a loaf of bread. :(


Dont blame him!! We had the SAME issue with the SAME item.

Ours worked for 3 weeks. We went out a one day to grab something out of it and all the food was spoiled. We HAD waited 24 before filling it. It's not his fault the piece of *** didnt work.

And when you contact the manufacturer THEY TELL U to return it to the store.

So many uninformed people here just jump to assume things without knowing background. :(


The reason I came across this complaint is because after having my freezer for 3 months it did the same exact thing! I did not buy mine at the same store mine was bought at Shaws supermarkets. While I don't necessarily blame the store...If they are going to sell a product they should make sure it is a working product not a P.O.S!

I lost a whole freezer full , lots of liquid icecream floating at the bottom!


Had the exact same thing just happen with the same freezer. Menards gave us a store credit but wouldn't refund the money.

Can't even find a contact for the manufacturer online... sounds like it may not help anyway :-/


If the freezer was defective it is the responsibility of the Mfg company not who sold it to you. It amazes me how people don't understand this.


Wrong. They're both responsible.

Businesses are responsible, to a significant extent, for the products that they sell. It amazes me that *you* don't understand this.


You clearly didn't read the instructions, as the manual says that the freezer needs to be plugged in, running, and EMPTY for about 24 hours to get to the proper temp before you add perishable food. Sounds like you stuffed it with food right away while it was still at room temp.


We had ours empty for 3 days before we put anything in it, it worked fine for 3 months then just stopped working and all our meat thawed out. It won't even keep ice cream hard or freeze a loaf of bread.


did you not test it first? If I am buying a product to save and preserve a luxury item of this value, and I am able to test to see if it works myself, I am testing it. I am very sorry you lost all of that beef, it makes me cry on the inside.


This is an issue to take up with the manufacturer. Menards sells it and if it is within the return policy they would likely return the defective freezer.

However it sounds as though you need to deal with the manufacturer. Most higher end manufacturers do offer a spoilage guarantee on their fridges and freezers.


This is a LOW end freezer made in China.


Looks like employees are responding to most the adds here. Too bad about the freezer though! I wouldnt shop at Menards in sedalia- poor management.


To a degree this is your fault. Like ???

suggested you should have made sure it was working before you left. As far as it being defective that has to do with the manufacture.

The interesting part to me is you fail to say the brand name leaving me to believe it's not top end like you say. You should be making a complaint against the people who made the freeze not Menards.


Who in their right mind fills a freezer and doesn't make sure it's working. To top it off you go and leave town right away.

Most people would check to be sure a new refrigerator or freezer is working after a few hours.

Next, Menards didn't make the freezer, they only sold it. It is the manufacturer that you should be complaining about not the retailer.