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I just had the worse shopping experience of my life and will not ever return to your store. I came in to get a new sink faucet and accessories, patio wood boards, water seal and a few other items. I had a nice list. My first shopping experience at your store was great, however this time proved different.

There were many employees but I could never get any help at all. No help in the faucet section but I managed, but could not find the other accessories.

Then the construction section. I was looking for rafter tie's and after 20

minutes of waiting like being told to wait, I just hunted them out myself.

I couldn't find a torx bit for the screw and asked for help and was taken to the area and said here they are. Twenty minutes later and after opening

packages, I found the right one.

Then I needed 3 2x6x10 treated boards. This is not a complicated task but

the first guy takes me to the place where they handcraft wood - he didn't

even pay me any attention. Then the next guy says oh, yeah you come up

front and I write you a ticket so he does that. I think all is ok. So I

pay and get help with my 2 4x8 pegboards, but the guy just watched as I

tried to get it in the enclosed trailer myself. Nice help.

Then I go to pick up my wood where I am met buy a skinhead looking nazi with security on his shirt. He wants to search my vehicle and my trailer from top to bottom. He then allows me in and I have to go hunt for the wood myself. I finally flag down a forklift driver who took me to where it was, but it wasn't treated. The guy inside didn't pay any attention to what I asked for so I got the wrong stuff. Now I can go in and go through the exchange process. So I tell this guy of my lovely shopping experience at Menards. He tells me that the "military" looking guy has received many


When I leave, my Nazi treats me like I am a criminal. You know if you guys

want to let people go on to your lot then you should either escort them or

bring the sold product to them. But to be treated like I was stealing

something from your precious lot!

So after being released and that is what the nazi said - I release you to

leave our lot and I had to sign then I went in and asked to speak to the

store manager. A girl comes up and I tell her of my experience and she says she can't help me - can she get the manager. Is that not who I asked to speak with to begin with?

Well, I promise you that I will never step foot in your store again! I will tell every person I know of my terrible experience and I will take great pride in word of mouth advertising!

Personally, I regret not returning everything I had purchased on the spot,

but I was actually too upset after having my car searched more intensely

than the cops do when they pull you over for a speeding ticket! What is

wrong with you people?

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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The correct term should be typical American company,they do not pay enough for them to give a ***,thats why you will see alot of under 35,30 is the new 18.Think about it go into an la fitness,auto zone or maybe you have a cable company problem,maybe you will talk to someone in India or mexico,if American companies cared about us they would hire good people and pay them well,customer service would be in the usa.


The correct term should be typical American company,they do not pay enough for them to give a ***,thats why you will see alot of under 35,30 is the new 18.Think about it go into an la fitness,auto zone or maybe you have a cable company problem,maybe you will talk to someone in India or mexico,if American companies cared about us they would hire good people and pay them well,customer service would be in the usa.


You, ***, are a fool. You say Menards does not have quality products, and you say you shop at ACE. You realize the SAME manufacturers supply both, don't you?

EVERY vendor (supplier) has different levels of quality merchandise that they sell to retailers. Menards usually carries 3 lines from each manufacturer, Good, Better and Best. ACE chooses to carry one line. YOU made the decision not to spend the money for the higher quality merchandise.

By the way, Craftman wrenches are made by Allen, which also makes Allen tools and Masterforce, which happen to be sold at....Menards. Only difference is the name stamped on the side.

Actually it is VERY American of Menards to search vehicles leaving their lot. It is their RIGHT as an American company to handle business the way they see fit. It is no different than going to Sam's Club and having the person at the door look at your receipt and check your items. If you have nothing to hide, there shouldn't be an issue.

I have no issue with someone having an opinion about an issue. What I would like to see is someone actually be educated about what they are talking about. You only know one side of your arguement (yours), which makes you a fool throwing words out of your mouth. You are no different than 99 percent of Americans, you keep talking about things you know half about and hope someone will listen and take your side. If you would take the time to educate yourself about ALL aspects of any subject, you wouldn't be such a fool.




You obviously did not read the entire statement that I wrote, which is why you work at Menards - the Walmart of construction supplies (not a compliment).

Menards is anti American for unlawful searches of peoples vehicles. They assume that every person who shops is going to steal from them so they search every vehicle, trucks and trailers coming and going. This is what is anti American dufus! Also read the other comments from the local store (manager) that the employee at the gate was terminated for his behavior and for many other complaints. I was not alone. I will add that if Menards wants to search vehicles assuming that everyone is stealing from them then I just will take my business elsewhere. That is the American way in that I have the choice to 1. take my business where I am comfortable and 2. make comments also known as word of mouth advertising regarding their poor service, product and policies.

I rest my case!

However, since you brought it up. Menards does not supply a quality product. Every person that I know that has made a single purchase of some item of value has been disappointed with the low quality of that product. I do not know one person that is satisfied with their purchase.

Beyond my terrible shopping experience that day back in May, I purchased a sink faucet which constantly leaked because of the cheap components used in the manufacturing by your vendors. I never would have thought to open a faucet box to see if the connections were made of stainless steel instead of plastic as the case was.

A business aquaintance of mine was very disappointed with a table saw he purchased. It would not cut a piece of wood "straight" because the reference edge or alignment tool is virtually not able to be lined up at a 90 degree angle to the cut. The saw itself afer less than 30 hours of use started to sound as if the bearings were in need of lubrication.

Funny, in my opinion, you should give customers a free tube of lubrication when they walk in the door because they are going to need it.

With my comments stated, I will agree that Menards provides jobs and that is good. There is a market for the "Walmart level" of shoppers in this country and there is a need for a cheap purchase up front.

I and many people that I know will not shop at such establishments because of their poor quality and the fact that they buy / resell products from poor manufacturers. I for one prefer to pay a higher price, receive good service for that price and take home a quality product that will last!

I do not wish to offend Menards as I believe that they took care of the problem employee eventually. I also took my business elsewhere so the low quality products they sell (my opinion) are not my problem. But as I see on this page, the unsatisfied customer complaints far outweigh the positive customer comments.

I personally now do all of my hardware shopping at my local Ace Hardware Store and go to Home Depot or Lowes when the product is not available down the street where I get great service and a product that is always quality.




*** are you mentally handicapped?

Seriousy, you think they are anti-American?

Hahahaha. Yes, you're right we have cult meetings after the doors close each night to plan our attacks on Americans. We just use Midwest Manufactoring (Eau Claire, WI) as a home base for our "I hate america" club, not to provide American's with jobs.

Sir, you are *** insane and need to get your head out of your ***. Menards employees, and our manufacturers do one *** of a job and make quality products.


I had not planned to allow this to go on so long. However what I have learned is that many people, not just in regards to my posting but to their own are very unhappy with the service and searching of vehicles at this business.

I agree, if we don't like it then we don't have to shop there - end of story. Therefore, I don't shop there any longer and unfortunately everything that I purchased from them has broke or fell apart since; they have little quality.

As for my comment about the security guy. I agree with Einebahn Strasse who apparently knows me from our own military days in Germany. I probably should have chose better words to convey my message; however, this is not a police state and I did nothing other than purchase a product from this business. I was treated like a criminal and yes it bothered me. I don't apologize for my being upset nor my choice of words. However, I apologize for allowing this company and their sales tactics to get under my skin. It will not happen again.

With all of this said; I call on the American people to remember the days when America did have quality products that were made in America. We proudly stood behind our work and we never thought to harass a customer. This company will eventually parish like similar ones with low quality products and poor service. They look nice when you buy them but garbage is still garbage.

If you are "stuck" in a financial position where you have no choice but to shop at discount shopping stores then you will get what you pay for. Unfortunately, it is these stores that are destroying us as proud Americans.

To Einebahn Strasse - Thank you for your support. I am not sure who you are, but I truely thank you for your understanding. For the guys that think I am a racist, you are wrong. I just don't like "trash" in whatever form it comes in or wherever it comes from. And it appears that more trash is being allowed to run our country into the ground.

So buy your foreign made cars and support the import business. You are making idiots wealthy and empowering them to keep creating more idiots.

By the way, I drive a Jeep made in America and yes I realize parts come from other places. I have an awesome stereo made in America by a guy named "Bob". I bought my flat screen Sears and my lawnmowers from Sears. I only by Craftsman tools and I try my hardest to purchase only food from America. However, I do like my Tequila from Tequila and will gladly travel there to get it - my Mexican friends deserve the rights to sell their tequila and be proud of it. I imported my wives from Europe, but my kids are 100% born in one of the proudest NFL markets in the nation, as am I!

I have lived abroad as a foreign national for long enough to have become a person from that country or at least call it my 2nd home. My job is to sell automation and services throughout the world and I do it well! I have friends from more countries than most people can even name and I don't care what someone's nationalitly, race, ethnicity, background, whether they are *** or straight, religious or not. I make my decision on if I like someone and will be their friends or do business with them based on their ethics and morals.

Unfortunately, I do have a "God Complex" and like to get on my soapbox and tell everyone good vs. evil! I am me and I answer to nobody but me. Can you say that? Are you a sheep?

With that, I sign off for good.


RE: Justice1982

I've known Willie since - oh I don't know, about 1982 or there about. He is anything BUT a racist.

We were in Germany together. We know what is supposed to be allowable in the USA, because we served to help protect people from Grand idiots. No civilian working for any company has any rights to enter another person's vehicle without a police officer observing or the owners express permission. We know when someone is acting like a Nazi.

I would not handle this in quite the same as he has, but we don't care for police state behavior, not one *** bit. Thank God there isn't one of their lame businesses in my state.


***, if it wasn't for the guards doing their job menards would lose more money then what your so called mouth can spread. Just because you had to wait an extra few mins your throwing this childish fit on the Internet. Grow up and move on


LOL! I worked for this company and believe me they treat their employees with just as much disrespect!

I left their Hitler regime after a measly 9 months. I worked in the office and know some of their "shady" practices. Did you know they won't hire anyone who previously worked for a union. Your not allowed to wear t-shirts with writing on them because it may say something about unions.

The company is rediculous! I had to clock out to *** and was docked time if I took more than 90 seconds in the bathroom. On very hot days in the factory if you made all your quota you got 1 popsicle. The flavor-ice tube style.

This company is a joke! :grin


So what I am gathering is that Mehards has terrible customer service everywhere! This means that they supply a great service by hiring all the people who treat customers terribly. And they must target the same type of customers which is how they stay in business.

I actually have to say that I get the best service from Ace Hardware. The ladies greet me when I walk in the door and if I need help then they go out of their way to help me. I will pay extra to keep them in business because they deserve it!

By the way - I estimate that I cost Menards a ton of business - lets do the math. From the 100's I told, 40 responses saying that they would never shop there based on my experience. They told their friends and family and lets say 10 each have decided not to shop there - that is 400 families that will take their business elsewhere because of Menards search of my vehicle and their poor customer service!

It is companies like these that should actually be put out of business!



In case anyone cares which corporate America doesn't because I am one person who got f'd by them - well, I have cost you over 40 clients by my count (that is families) and they are telling their friends and families - Don't worry! your store looks great and for the most part you are a great company - but it sure does suck to have an life long enemy! Enjoy how I spread the truth!


I dont like it when things dont go my way either. Life can be difficult and even unbearable sometimes.

Perhaps next time you buy something, you should look at your order before paying for it. This would have saved you alot of greif and you are still letting this get to you. Let it go. Life is too short.

Calling someone a Nazi is extreme for something like this. Has the guard pursued charging you with defamation of character yet? I assume he has your name. I would not push your luck on that one.

Be careful.

Try to spread some joy today so the bad luck you experience goes away. It works.


Again, really mature. Oh no, something bad happened to me!

Now I will try to ruin other lives, or change other people's views, in order to make myself feel better! It is people like you that make people at any retail job hate people.


Where in America is a security guard where you purchase a $14 product allowed to search your vehicle, incoming and outgoing off of their lot?

***, going to a concert or a sports event doesn't get this type of a search. The TSA doesn't disrespect you while they are searching your luggage or you personally. But Menards does!

The manager who was called couldn't help and did offer to call the store manager who I had expected when I walked in to customer service and said I would like to speak to the store manager.

I didn't say thank you. I told her that she had just lost my business for life and that I would use word of mouth advertising to spread the word on how they treat their customers. I have done just that and have received over 25 responses stating that they will never shop at Mehards! That is costly as they will also tell their friends and family and it will just grow!

Is the guy a Nazi? I have no clue. He acted like one and so I labeled him one. The store new who I was talking about when I said the Nazi and they even confirmed that he received many complaints for doing his job as he was told to do.

Well Menards and Justice1982! I and everyone I know and can tell will not shop at Menards. When I contacted Menards directly they told me to call the store manager if it ever happened again. Well there is no chance of it happening again - this I promise you!

Since you, justice1982 seem to have some retail experience then maybe you will be happy to shop where you are disrespected. I, myself; my family and friends; their family and friends and so on - have all ready made their minds up to never step foot in Menards again! Its our right, our choice. You can shop there and get a cavity search just to make sure that stick up your *** didn't come from Menards! :(


Perhaps you are the racist. It sounds to me like the security guy was just doing his job and happened to have a shaved head.

You immediately say he is a nazi...that is pretty racist. When you went to talk to someone you probably said I need to talk to a manager, of which in any retail establishment there are many. The dept. manager made the decision to get the store manager to try to help you.

The store manager probably did address everything and you probably said thank you.

Then you come on here and bash the store. Real mature, racist!


i dont blame you. we hate menards in massillion ohio.

they are *** people. we will never go back that place again.

from now on lowes or the home depot. :)