Saint Paul, Minnesota
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I am a former Menards Plumbing Manager, and I gotta say... Menards you blow ***!

Treat your employees with respect if you expect them to do all the *** you expect of them. I moved from the Omaha NE store (which by the way wasn't a bad experience) and moved up to the Saint Paul Midway store as a manager. Do you think they would help with the moving expenses? Sure if you go through Uhaul, which is way to expensive.

I asked the GM if I had a trailer, owned by my grandparents, to bring all my stuff up would they help my family with gas money? He said no, all while I had to move up within 2 weeks. I got married in July and do you think they would give me any time off? Nope....

Not 1 *** day. Although I was working 45-50 Hrs. a week after just being married, 2 times a week until at least 10:30 pm, 6 days a week, I was yelled at for taking a scheduled day off. There is just so much *** I could say about this company.

The solution? I quit this BS job despite the economy and I got a real job at a company that ranks 15th on the Fortune 500 list. Peace Menards, Go *** Yourself. Oh if you meet the GM of the St.

Paul Midway store tell him to shove it up his *** (He's probably already fired for dragging the store to $2 Million in debt. Have another day off yourself *** hole)

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I work there now. I knew that GM before they had him move over to the new Richfield store because he's really good at his job.

I don't know about any $2 million debt, considering how many awards the store has won the store in the 4 years he was there. Seems like you might be exaggerating things, leaving out details, or just lying altogether. Just because you had one bad week with the store doesn't mean the company is horrible.

It only means you had some unfortunate luck. Maybe someday you will grow up, because I hope you don't bring kids into this world with your wife if you're always going to act like a child.


Gagshaga, I agree with you. I considered taking a job with Menards until I found out about their record with treating their employees.

Want to have rules, that's fine. Want to dock my pay because of someone else's mistakes, nope. I would rather be a wage slave somewhere else than be moved around like cattle at their own disposal. I would rather work in a factory than be a Menard's manager and I've been in my own business and worked in a factory before.

Either way, I would rather sell insurance to old people who can't hear than work for Manureds. I questioned the HR lady at the store I applied at in Indiana and got nothing but pretty much blank responses. No real interaction just mumbo jumbo. If you want me to work a job, fine, but at least be able to spell out the job before I waste my time interviewing or anything else.

According to what I've researched and heard, I hear Manureds even makes people sign agreements to be fined by management if something isn't done a certain way. Screw that. If you don't like how I did something, either fire me or discipline me by suspension or ultimatium. Not some childish fine system.

What a *** company.

As soon as the HR lady wanted to meet me at 7 pm for an interview I knew these people were total *** so I looked them up and yep, their company has a *** record in dealing with people. Same for customers saying screw them.


ok Justice1982 (nice name f*g) :roll obviously you have never worked for this "company" so shut the *** up


Hey mbt2011 your a *** retard, you do realize that dont you? :cry :cry :cry


So not to rain on your parade, but you were obviously an ASSISTANT plumbing manager. Don't try to church it up!

If you were promoted to be the manager, Menards pays for your entire move. As far as working 45-50 hours a week....welcome to any company. At least Menards pays you for the amount of hours you put in instead of salaried for 40 and working 50. You obviously didn't keep your department up to par, or else you wouldn't be working 6 days.

It is in the management employment agreement that you must maintain your department or work a 6 day work week. Every job has rules that need to be followed. The people that have problems with following rules, have problems at all jobs.

Your job is only as good as YOU make it. You failed yourself, by making the job bad.


Your right mbt2011, it was my choice to apply because I couldn't get a job anywhere else at the time. Your right I did accept the job as a manager to move to the Twin Cities to marry my wife.

You though must not have any idea on how expensive UHaul is, nor how fast I was expected to move here. Sure I moved here for the job, I did what I had to do. However it would have been nice to have been treated and respected for my sacrifices.

I do realize all of the obvious facts you pile of s*it. With that being said, I think you have no idea what its like to be treated like no one cares about you. Therefore you can think what you want mbt2011 and *** yourself in the process, I don't give 2 s*its what you think. I got a better job now, and my life is good.

Gagshaga21 out!!!


you do relize that i was your choice to apply for the new job and it was your choice to accept the new job also it was your choice to move on your own dime because as you said b4 they would have helped you had you of used uhaul service so it is all your fault and by no way is menards responcible for your actions