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I couple days ago I was at one of the local menards stores intending to purchase 5 bags of wood mulch for a upcoming yard project this weekend. The gentleman at the hardware desk says "its outside in the garden center there will be someone out there to help you".

I proceed to the garden center area and greeted by a elderly female employee watering plants and a younger woman who appeared the outside cashier and was in the later stage of pregnancy. I told then I was informed the bags of wood mulch were located outside here and they point me to the back area of the garden center where I then proceed to. I locate the specific mulch I needed which was on sale however the immediate issue was on the ground was 2 good bags on an otherwise empty pallet, as well as 1 ripped out with mulch scattered. There however was several full shrink wrapped pallets directly above of the identical product.

I look around the yard area and lumber building however the yard was a ghost town. I walk back to the 2 female employees to explain the situation and indicate they will page someone over to bring down a pallet. After waiting 15 minutes I observe 2 gentleman employees on the other side of the yard loitering, talking, hands in pockets, and spiting on the ground. I wave over to them and point to the pallet I needed brought down.

One of then climbs on a forklift. As he's maneuvering to come to the area I am I notice the other male employee discreetly sneak up behind the forklift and tighten the fuel valve on the forklift propane tank. This was done in a manner so the driver did not observe the "practical" joke. Also as the "joke" was being preformed the prankster either nearly got his foot ran over by the rear tire, or had it ran over but wearing steel enforced work boots.

The driver then proceeds towards my area, however when he prepares to lower the pallet of mulch the engine stalls. I advise him I observed a coworker close the tank. The driver then says "that lazy MF - SOB " opens the valve and drives off at full speed creating a situation where any other vehicle traveling in the yard could of been t boned or sideswiped easy. I am immediately upset and angered by the immature and carless demeanor of the staff and tell the garden staff I wanted to speak to a store manager.

The elderly employee escorts me to a gentleman who identifies him as an assistant manager. I tell him about the dangerous and careless actions of his employees, however just gives me a blank stare stating he will see what he can do and walks away before I can reply. The elderly employee tells me she is extremely frustrated and embarrassed by ongoing situations and minimal motivation of the younger employees. I tell her I appreciate her and other employees with solid and professional work ethics, however unfortunately directly due the behavior of select employees I felt obligated to take my business elsewhere.

As I was leaving she had another employee near the front hand me a single piece of brown paper folded in 3rd.

I was advised it was a survey and customer response form and asked to send it to the corporate office. We will see if I ever hear back or if it hits the circular file.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yeah, it sounds like typical yard guy *** I can tell you that as a former manager, yes they do review all those survey forms and they get cycled back down to the stores they came from after corporate documents them for review in the weekly department managers meeting. The problem is that it can take months for this process to come full circle.

I will also tell you that the indifferent attitude the AGM gave you was because general managers are only tertiary in their involvement with most departments other than the front end (cashiers) and contractor sales, as this is where the most money passes through the store. Next time, if there is a next time, demand to see the YARD manager.

They are directly responsible for *** *** like those guys horsing around and are in the best position to do something about it. I know I would have had those two assigned to a broom for a month if it happened under me.


I'm so angry at what could've happened....Lol now does anyone condone this behavior? Of course not but that doesn't automatically give your argument validation.

Nothing negative happened to you. You got your stuff and you left and some guys had some fun while assisting you. What did they shave off....a couple of seconds?? Who wasted more time in that store..you or the guys?

That's why the guy gave you a blank stare.

He probably didn't understand how it was that you got the luxury to get a lifestyle, in which the biggest problem in your day is when people are having fun in your vacinity. I'm getting jealous just thinking about it.


It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt...................

No one mentioned luxury lifestyle or jealousy. Look at the issues of the complaint, 1st one was minor, the stock of wood mulch was not restocked and never should have gotten to the point of only 2 good bags at customer access during peak season.

2nd the yard was empty of staff other then the woman watering plants and a cashier and when they paged for assistance to downstock the mulch it took 15 minutes of waiting until the customer noticed the 2 employees loitering on company playing pocket pool. 3rd concern, when a piece of heavy dangerous machinery is in operating including a forklift there is absolutely no reason for a co worker to intentionally be loitering directly in a blindspot of the operator for the sole purpose of preforming a practical joke.

4th issue is the forklift operator using obscene language around customers, regardless of its a middle age adult male dressed wearing blue jeans and t shirt covered in paint splatter and dust or a mother with pre teen kids there is NEVER a reason to use obscene language to describe a coworker. 5th issue involves when the forklift operator realized he was pranked he drove off full speed across the lumberyard which is full access for pedestrians, vehicular traffic and other forklift operators who all could of been seriously injured by his carless demeanor.

These clowns are a huge liability for the business and the manager should of delt with the situation immediately instead of blowing off the customers concern.

@Mister Customer

Soo...John Menard has a reason to be mad...that'd explain why he was so pissy about it.


It could be worst a pallet could have fallen on you and you could have died. It has happened at Menards, google it.


gee I wonder if these clown also want $15.00 per hour for their "hard work"


That's the problem. For what they pay it's hard to get good yard help. Anyone out in their yard that is working hard is quickly hired away by contractors shopping there for an easy $5.00 an hour more than they make at Menards.