Aledo, Illinois

After buying a chainsaw blade at Menards, fould out they had sold me wrong one, back in twenty minutes but had used a check so told had to wait 14 days, did that,went back and was told no cash refunds just credit, said I did not want to buy anything just wanted my money, girl rude, called her boss, same thing, rude, shouting match, at last got my $20.00 back, be sure and pay cash if you think you may need to return anything as once you write a check you are bound to them for life, you will buy something or else. They suck.

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Be VERY careful when you buy chain saw chains at Menards. Since their security is non-existent, I've seen groups of landscapers go in to purchase a chain saw blade.

Once they're shown where they are they shoo the employee away. They stand around in a circle and one of them will pull a used/broken chain out of their coat. Another guy breaks open the blister pack containing the new chain and they put the used/broken chain back in the package while slipping the new chain into their coat. Because they're standing grouped all together, the security cameras can't see what they're doing and they walk out of the store with a brand new chain for their chainsaw free of charge.

The idiot teenagers don't know what they're doing and all they see is a package that's been open with the chain still in it. They're told to seal the package back up and put it back on the shelf for some unsuspecting customer pays for a used or broken chain and the landscaping crew walks out with a new chain and pockets the money their boss gave them to buy a new chain for the company chainsaw.


If you ever want something badly, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it's yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never yours to begin with.


Do the right thing be nice get a Menards card or debit and go away trust me they will work with you on returns so go have a beer and chill


what do you mean they "sold you the wrong one"? menards is a do-it-yourself store, not a hold your hand as you shop store.

workers don't get paid enough to offer professional advice on specific products, trust me.

secondly, checks are outdated.

use a check card or credit card and a receipt can always be pulled up on the computer up to 18 months back. be a smarter customer!


You'd be surprised at how many people think that the employees at Menards are their personal shoppers. I've had guests come in that said stuff like, "I need a new chain for my chainsaw." I'll have to ask what brand.

They don't know. I'll ask what size, they don't know. Then they get pissed because they bought the chainsaw at Menards and somehow I should remember every make and model each guest has purchased so I'll know exactly what size chain THEY need. The same thing happened with a guest who needed to buy a new battery for their car.

The big book of car batteries is hanging right by the big racks of car batteries in automotive. He didn't know how to use the book. I told him to look up the make, model and year of his vehicle (it's in alphabetical order) in the book.

He said, "Why don't show me how!" So I did and got him the right battery (and no, I didn't give him any attitude) but I didn't even get a thank you. News flash people; we make minimum wage!


Debit cards are not always the answer, there is a problem with them also. A check is not all that time consuming to write, especially if started before reaching the checkout and yes a choice should be given for either cash or credit in store.


hey dumb *** its pretty much the norm to not give back cash for a check purchase duh


Obviously there is more to this than you are writing. There would be no reason for a "shouting match" if you brought your receipt back in after the 14 day waiting period.

I am just going to throw this out there for everyone: DO NOT USE CHECKS!

You hold up lines. This is 2010, get a debit card!