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Menards Corporate office, Eau Claire, WI ~ Just want to say to all of you, you guys suck @ your jobs. Unless your job is to thoroughly screw over your employees.

Working conditions that YOU say are the ONLY way we can do certain things are unsafe and at times actually set up so we DO get hurt. You fine our bosses when they let us do something against YOUR mandates until they get sick of it and quit. When you read about how bad customer service is, you only have yourselves to blame. We team members are under paid and under valued to the point where we either quit or give up caring and have no incentive to do the job.

Your greed for money with no caring for who you hurt or how you hurt them will never make you a #1 home improvement chain. It just makes you look like the greedy ***** you are.

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So this was your first job then? If you really cared about how your being treated and paid you would purchase from smaller company's or mom and pop shops.

Kinda the way menards started in the 70's but you proboly shop at wallmart and *** about your new job in another corporation that cares even less about you.

If you want to change corporate America you have to change your self . But you won't you'll just complain.


Or the rules they know you can't follow like maintaining three points of contact with a ladder while stacking 30 pound bags of dog food on top of a rack.


Just 30 pound bags of dog food, that's nothing! Try 100-lbs+ Grills, Tool chest, Patio Furniture stacked to the ceiling in the Mezz and they can easily be 200-lbs+......

They tell you the 3 points of contact and make you sign it to forgo liability, but they still fully expect you to get it up there or die trying. Menards is total ***, but I hate to break it to you SO IS HOME DEPOT, LOWES, any major big box store for that matter. Worked Menards for 6 years, now I'm at another big box store let me tell you IT'S NOT DIFFERENT. It is worst in many other ways.

The problem is money. Thats all a big box store cares about. They don't care about you.

They don't care about the guest. All they care about is getting more money from the clueless guest over and over again.