Holland, Michigan

Bought a Poulan chainsaw at Menards. Used it one time and it kept stalling during use and then would not stay started.

Took saw back with my 1year full replacement warranty. Told the replacement warranty won't start until after the 1year manufacture warrant ended and that I have to take it to the local Poulan service center. Menards provided phone numbers. I took chainsaw to service center and was told that i must put down 35.00 deposit for cost of repairs that aren,t covered by Poulan 1yr warranty.

Unit was serviced and Unit has blow engine.Told 35.00 will not be refunded warranty doesn't cover cost of engine diagnosis. MENARDS will not refund my 35.00 dollars.

This Menards practice is totally unfair.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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So the motor just blew? That's unusual. Just saying.


Read your warranties. Are you saying you purchased the replacement plan at the time you bought the chain saw?

If you did, it starts at the end of the manufactures warranty and actually covers more. Hang on to the saw till the manufactures warranty ends. Then take it to the store with your replacement plan and tell them you can't get the saw started.

The replacement plan doesn't require service. When you get a new saw follow the directions for gas and oild mix and you won't blow the engine.



Read your statement, you say if it wasn't abused they would take it back. I would saying blowing up an engine would fall under abuse, if not, what does?

Having my own small engine shop myself, I see this all the time, people do not mix their gas and oil correctly from the get go and then blame the machine and the place they bought it from for it not working. No wonder all of our businesses can't make it anymore.


Warranties are thru the manufacture, it's up to them what will be covered, not Menards. However, if it has been less than 30 days and it does not work Menards should take it back under the hand held gas powered equipment clause.

If they deny this walk them over to the chainsaw area and look around for a sign that should state: Manufactures Return Policy on HAND-HELD gas powered equipment includes chainsaws, blowers, trimmers an augers can be returned with-in 30-days if the ITEM SIMPLY DOES not work and has not be abused.

It does not matter if you have put gas in it. My store has taken back at least 20 chainsaws in the last 2 years and upwards up 10 string trimmers that all have been used. We then have them repaired and place them on the sales floor as previously run equipment. Anyone stating other wise does not work directly in the department or is a newbie manager.

Pushed equipment is handled differently this includes Snow-throwers/blowers, lawn mowers, edgers, and tillers. These items cannot be returned at all and must go to a repair shop. This is a manufactures recommendation.