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Menards East Green Bay store has the worst mangers anyone can hire and Menards Corp consumer department backs them up 100%. I am a real estate investor and spend about $10k a year on building materials and supplies.

I had some one go in and talk to an electrical dept person to get 50A wire for a stove. They sold them a 30A wire and when I went to install it the electrician told me it was too small a wire. When I went to return it the manger in charge told me since I had trimmed one end for the install they had to check the lenght of the wire in order for me to return it. After waiting 20 min he comes back and tells me the wire is 2 feet short and they won't take it back.

I told him nothings was cut off and he called me a liar. I then told him he would loose all of my business to Home Depot and his reply was that he didn't care. Upon complaining to corporate I got the same response.

I did measure the wire and it was almost 6" longer than stated on the package. I have since spent over $3k on materials at Home Depot and I will never willingly give the idiots at Menards another dime.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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you cut the wire. The electrical department are not electricians, they are average people like you and I.

They did not go to electrical school most likely, maybe some education. The guy you sent bought the wrong stuff.

You tried to return it, opened, and cut. Good luck selling used electrical wire


as a GBE employee i know this is a joke for a FACT because no guy that would be doing returns would EVER say anything like that to a guest! this a load of BS!

anybody who said anything like that to a guest would've been fired! anyone can say i'm sucking up for the company or any of that bs i don't care!

menards is a great place to work and they treat their employees well (at least at our store they do) and it's people who come in and think we are supposed to know everything about everything that get this "poor" service. next time make sure your guy knows what he needs to get and make sure it's the right one before cutting anything.


EVERYBODY is an "important" customer. We're supposed to be impressed or frightened for our jobs.

Listen Mr/Mrs Real Estate Investor (impressive) eventually you will have the same problem with HD and then Lowes because of your attitude.

As bad as the retailers are, some of the "important customers" are far worse. And you cain't spell can't.


About the girl you could be right. Wouldn't totally surprise me, but it's still up to the consumer to know better and decide to go somewhere else. He knew what he was suppose to get.


I'll be running right back to Menards cause the Menards mouthpiece set me straight as follows: 1-I be a *** cause I cain't spell. 2-My $10k a year is only worth contempt.

3 "Menards followed proper return policy procedures" as in lying to their customer and again treating them with the utmost contempt. I do go to Menards. I get prices on the stuff I need and go to Home Depot where they match the price and *** another 10%. After this miserable Menards experience(not the first one) I have done that with $6k in purchases and I will not go and spend any of my hard earned money with a store that has people like you and the trash at GB East.

It is so refreshing to deal with the nice people at HD that actually know something about what they sell. BTW, my folks specifically asked the 18 year old high school girl electrical wizard at Menards for 50A wire and she sold them the 30A.

The electrical guy at Home Depot(30 year electrician) just shook his head at that. Menards is just pathetic!


First of all it's lose, not loose. Loose means not tight.

Now on to more serious issues, spending 10k a store does not entitle you to special privileges. Matter of fact 10k a year is really not a lot of money. My department alone sells 20k a day on a slow day and as much as 60k a day on a busy day. Most Menard stores pull in around 500k-1million a week.

We have people who spend upwards of 100k+ a year. Your 10k year will not be missed and like I said before does not entitle you to anything. Menards followed proper return policy procedures. Your issue is really with the person who went to pick up the 50A wire and brought you back a 30A wire.

As far as threatening to go to Home Depot, they don't care because people say that all the time when they get upset about things they do not understand.

Eventually you will come back everyone always does. Menards prices are far superior to Home Depots.


if your buying electrical,plumbing stuff from menards there employees are not trained or certified plumbers and such, all they know is a little bit on the product, Are they gonna know what's up to code? What to use?

If they were certified they certaintly would not be working at menards now would they?

Do your home work before you buy and don't send someone who leaves the store with no clue to what they bought.... Ha haa


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