Detroit, Michigan

Ordered a ondura roof in Oct. They said they would contact me when it came in.

After two weeks we called to find out it had been there for a week, but the nails were back ordered. Also the nails were the wrong size. Another three weeks wait. Dec 07 was the date but that was changed again.

The weather is not going to cooperate and when asked for a refund, they said there would be a restocking fee. The roof has been on ordered for 2 months still no nails! They were supposed to call me last week where the nails were, no phone call.

Our roofer is getting mad about keeping this load on his trailer for this long time and what is he going t do with it this winter. Just hoping the roof doesn't start leaking any worse!

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It happens, wrong size. Thats where all the sales come from.

The millions of mixed up nuts, bolts, and fittings. Let alone going back three times. Now, I buy everything I need plus more, and do the project right away. Then return what you didn't use.

No wasted time, 1 trip there, 1 trip back when your done.

But the downtime wouldn't make me happy. I'd still shop there for everything though.


He picked up at least 90% of his purchase. The only thing he claims he never got were his "nails." He could have easily canceled that portion and bought different nails.

I guarantee it. Instead of doing that he wanted to return it all; WHICH REQUIRES A RESTOCKING FEE.

But I'm willing to accept some of you people will come on here and still be *** about it. And as FinnandJake said if the guest comes in and is nice and respectful the restocking fee is normally waived.


Too bad Heartless doesn't understand what it means to fulfill a contract. Yes the contract may show an estimated delivery date but being 2 moths late is beyond reasonable expectations I think you will find most judges would find Menards did not uphold their end of the contract and reward a full refund, not a refund less a restock charge.

The restock charge is for someone who changes their mind about what they want. This person obviously wanted the materials to install the roof, they just haven't been delivered in full.

@What the...

actually on our special order contracts (assuming it was special order since they said they had to order it) it says that the estimated arrival date is dependent on promises by others. others meaning the company shipping it out!

make sure you know about our contracts before telling us how it should be fulfilled. and if it was that big of a deal menards sells other nails that are stocked at the store. and it also says that any special order return will come with a restock fee. says it right in our return policy.

however MOST menards stores will waive the restock fee if you're cooperative and understanding. being rude and obnoxious will get you no where.


I worked at Menards for 2 years and most of the time if the guest was nice or was obviously dealing with a hardship but wasn't being a butt about the whole situation, we normally knocked the fee off. But if they were rude or mostly inconsistent with the "return story" (as we called it) then we said there was no other alternative. I'm sorry this happened to you.


this dosent shock me at all menards screwing someone plz the only thing menards cares about is your money after that they dont know who u are anymore ever checked out the toilet paper in their restrooms ?That is about what they think of you.former employees of menards will tell you the same thing they only care about their bottom line if that means screwing a couple people here and there so be it .


A FULL REFUND WAS OFFERED, dumb@ss. However, a restocking fee was charged which is totally LEGAL for something that is not typically stocked at the store.

It covers the free shipping he did not pay for and the space it is not taking up at the store. IT'S TOTALLY LEGAL, DUMB@SS.



Heartless is full of hot air. Posts a lot like he knows his stuff.

Obviously hasn't been to court to defend one of these "contracts".

Any judge would laugh him out of the court room when the product is 2 months past due. A reasonable store manager would have either found nails that would work to install the product or offered a full refund.


You and Nikalseyn are very dumb. You entered a contract with Menards when you placed the order.

Did you pay shipping for your special order? NO! Number 1 reason there is a restocking fee! Number 2 reason is because it's now at the store taking up space it was not intended to take up losing Menards money.

As far as being contacted; Menards contacts people via email and or real mail depending on the information you provided. @ NIKALSEYN YOU'RE TOTALLY CLUELESS. He already has some of the stuff he ordered, he tried to return it. Menards stated the policy which is totally legal and several other retail business have the same policy.

If he wants any of his money back at all he will need to pay the restocking fee. There is no legal action he can take against Menards on such matters. He didn't hold up his end of the contract by trying to return the items. All Menard special orders are estimated delivery dates.


If anyone orders something and it goes on back order they could be waiting months(I've seen this happen), and that's the manufacturers problem NOT MENARDS. Had he not picked up any of his items he could have canceled, but he picked up some of the items so at that point the RESTOCKING FEE IS A MUST.


Go somewhere else. Cancel the order and tell them you have no intention of paying a "restocking fee" for something they messed up and did not fully deliver.

I suggest you get an attorney to "talk" to them if the amount is large enough. Also, if they have your card info, you have the dispute process or just tell the card company the charge is fraudulent, etc.

Many avenues here to proceed with. Bottom line, Menard's does not seem to care that you have a real problem which should have been resolved..