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Went to Home depot, to get a kilz paint on sale at 75% off, yes from $18.99 per gallon down to $4.49 per gallon. Home depot had over 60 gallons in stock. I purchased all at that price and went to Menards to take advantage of their price match guantee. They had the same paint in stock at $19.99, so much for being the lowest!, they told me that they did, do I showed them the reciept from Home Depot on the paint and asked them if they carried it, they said yes, I asked if they matched price they said yes, so I said that I wanted to buy it all. I had the recipt at $4.49 per gallon from lowe's , it shocked the manager that he called Home depot and it was verified, it took him 40 minutes to return from the office, he then stated that he would only limit me to 20 gallons, I asked him why and he said it was posted, well I replied please show me this. Well we went to the front of the store and he couldn't find the posting, then i yelled at him for not knowing store policy, then he said that he wanted more proof, I again asked him to clearly state why he wanted more proof, he called home depot and the store manger verified the sale and it was chain wide with no limits on the amounts you purchased, he said he wanted to see the flyer, I angerly went to the vechile and pulled out the ad, and showed it to him, well i asked if that was enough proof, he replied yes, then I demand that he get one of those lazy young kids standing around to load up all the instock paint and have it ready at the cashier and to call the other menards in town to give them a heads up that I was coming, so I didn't have to argue with the store manager for over an hour. well it took about 20 minutes more and they finally got it done. I got 69 gallons of paint at $4.49. Whew after 1 hour and 45 minutes i Got the price match I was offered in there radio and paper ads. But what a fight, well it gets better, the other store manager stated in his phone conversation with me ,that he would only sell me 20 gallons but at half off, that was his interpertation of the ad, I asked him if had called Home depot, He replied he didn't have to, and that he didn't even had to sell to me.

Thank goodness for Home depot and lowes for quality merchandise.

Has anyone else have problems like this, please email me the phone number for menards HQ so I can talk to the owner himself.



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So you are the *** that cleaned them out of paint. What a *** ***.


People are still commenting on this 4-years after the fact!!! WTF!


You are an *** Home Depot was selling well below cost in order to clearance the SKU out of its inventory. Menards isn't obligated to match a clearance price.

The fact that you b*tched and moaned until somebody finally gave in to you makes you more of an *** People like you are a huge problem in this country. You think you're entitled to everything, so you make the lives of everyone around you miserable until you get your way.

And even after you scammed Menards, ruined the days of a dozen employees, and probably cost the manager a sh*tload of gross margin dollars, you still had to get on your computer and complain about it like a whiny little ***

Grow up and stop messing things up for the rest of us consumers.


I agree with this comment. This person is being totally ridiculous.

Menards should match prices on sale items and not clearance items. They should have had him removed from the store.


1. They don't have to match the price if the competitor doesn't have it in stock.

2. Quantities are limited to reasonable use for homeowners and one house order for contractors.

3. They are a private, not public, corporation so they don't have to sell to you in the first place.

So don't bash a company on facts that are clearly stated in their company policy you cheap *** redneck.


I think your expectations are crazy. HD must have their reasons for selling so low but to expect Menards to match with no limits , even though technically correct, is ridiculous.

How do you think any place could stay open selling items at that low of a cost ? When they close because of of it is that going to be beneficial for you ?

I doubt it. I feel bad for all the retailers that have to deal with you.


my dad (who is a dialysis patient) and I asked a Menard's employee where the dry wall mud would be, he said over by the building matertials and pointed to the north wall of the store. -we didn't find it, next asked a check out girl where would we find dry wall mud, over by the paint, opposite end of the store.

asked the paint guy, where do we find dry all mud...points to the very corner of the store on the north wall. GEEEZ DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHERE YOUR *** IS AT OR WHAT?

@complete tour of store

This is definitely a lie Menards store employees always walk you to the product even if one employee didn't walk you to the product another one would have


Yes, it is a undeniable fact that EVERY Menards employee in every location will walk you to the product. It's impossible that one or more of the high school *** they have working there most of the time doesn't give a flying *** what the company expects them to do in that scenario.


Your statment is wrong. Cashiers will not leave a register and walk someone to the product and even though employees are supposed to walk the customer (sorry "guest") to the product they rarely have time to walk people,le to the far end of the store. It really shouldn't hard for anyone with their eyes open to be able to walk down the back aisle of the store and see the drywall mud.


Actually I met the owner John Menard once and thought he was a pompous rude egotistical ***. He also has a couple of sons, one is a race car driver - nice guy, the other works for daddy and is the same of not worse than the old man.

Menards is cheap (as in quality), cheap (as in the way they do business), and I avoid them all together.


Dude i hope you drown in ir primer...people like u make retail suck


Dude i hope you drown in ir primer...people like u make retail suck


:? if you need that much paint it is most likely commercial, so why not get a tax#

and buy wholesale. or are you just turning

three years old. Great-now I have to

say sorry to all three year year olds


Well,...you are a cheap f#%k. And I'm sure there is more to the story.


You're *** retarded dude. It's bad enough to work at menards, trust me I use to, and I had to deal with *** Bags like you.

Your just a cheap pile of *** that will yell at someone when things don't go your way. Im glad they gave you a hard time you cheap ***


Menards has the worst customer service of any other store. They can't compete with any of the other stores.

Laziest people working there. So sad.

I would rather pay more to get the right product and the people who like to help their customers. Even Fleet Farm is better than Menards.


Kind of funny Menards hasn't carried kilz since 2002 and there is a sign at the front entrance stating menards policy that they reserve the right to limit amounts check your facts buddy


First, Menards Price match is only for identical products. Same make, model, everything.

Second, it does not qualify for competitors "sale" items. It must be a retail price.

Third, not only does Menards match the price, it is beaten by 11%.

HOWEVER, the guest must have proof of the price. Menards does not have to go out of their way for you to be a cheap ***.

Menards-Rep out!



Ok ***, why did you go through all that hassle to get the SAME price, when you could have got it in the first place? You just want to feel like you are special. I cant stand people with such entitlement issues!