Aurora, Illinois

loaded furniture we bought for us on thier rental truck- we asked if it was secure and they assured us it was secure. Within a block it fell out of teh truck and piece got extremely scratched-they refused to exchange claiming customers are loaded at thier own risk.

not only was the service lousy while we shopped, but the fact that they loaded and then refused to exchange after the error was made by thier staff is a joke. Will never shop for anything with them again-- *** service- unwilling to help after the fact --ALL AROUND BAD MANAGEMENT

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And another thing i would like to say is that anything done by employees is done on a good semaritan act and nothing more. Everyone is told that when they are hired and its even posted in polices at the customer service desk.

Just saying.... They were trying to be helpful.


I used to work for menards and although i dont enjoy all of thier products i come to find some are defective and overall more good products went out the door than bad. What i hate so much about the consumer product and consumers now a-days is that you never hear about success stories, so when you go looking for bad you are of course going to find bad.

If something works people dont usually post that it worked and everything went great. This is just one bad experience that could ruin it for many good experiences you could have in the future.


WOW an entire block! That must be a record. I thought all the junk sold from Menard's fell apart in the parking lot.


Menards CANNOT for liability reasons, tie down customers items. It is up to you, the consumer, to make sure your load is secure.

They do sell bungie cords and ratchet straps, by the way! Take responsibility for your actions!!!!


I do agree with the securing the load is the drivers responsibility. No one else can be or should be held accountable.


Dont feel too bad. With the quality of menards outdoor furniture it was bound to fail anyways.

I bought a full 8 piece set and not only did they leave it at the street end of the driveway in a pile when delivered but the glass table was cracked, the umbrella string broke that pulls it up, and my 70 pound son caused a swivel chair to break at the welds.

Of couse menards only reply was to call the company but guess what only menards name and their stock numbers are on the box. I got a monetary refund though credit card so i won the war with old john


They sell straps. Tie your load down.