Reedsburg, Wisconsin
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I have frequented the Menards website looking for various items only to find there is no real way of finding what they have to offer. You can review the weekly flyer for sale items but if the item you are looking for is not on sale you are pretty much out of luck.

It would be nice if the website had a key word section to take you directly to the item you are looking for so you know if you want to go to the store to get it or maybe order it on line whatever may be available. The entire inventory of things should be easily accessible from on line.

Your website if very confusing. I would rather go to a store that I know has the item I am looking for instead of hoping it may be there when I get there, which would be a waste of my time.

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Tried searching Menard's sight for info on wet/dry vacs. Site was useless to say the least.

Even their weekly fly sucked and didn't mention the name of the unit on sale! Tried contacting their web department and mention for sight that was a memory pig, it was useless and caused me to look elsewhere.

They contacted me with a smart comment telling me to stop into any of the local stores and check out their great, although un-named units available. I recontacted them and re-explained that I check on line the pricing and brands of everyone else.

Data sheets, prices and availability. When the returned that stopping in was the best thing to do, I reminded him that I didn't leave my office, checked out 8 different places and didn't use a drop of gas.

I still don't think they got it. I believe their tech support is "stuck on ***." Then again if it wasn't for them, I never would have tried Lowes.


MenardsManagerOHIO is exactly why I don't shop there, besides the fact they have everything there except what I need.


if other large corporations can have good on-line websites, it is a disgrace to menards upper management that they cannot understand the profit impact that a good website can have. frustration is your worst bottom-line enemy! i went to lowes website, it is 2008!!


Stores are seperate from the rest if we sell online then stores do not recieve profits the company does and besides we have enough Special Order Returns at stores because people dont take the time to look at what they are buying imagine the online returns. use the phone or come look at a display lazy ***


The website does suck very bad. It's 2008 for pete's sake. GET A NEW WEBSITE.


hmmmmm pick up a telephone maybe? It's that goofy shaped object most likely in your pocket right now.

That way you could actually talk to someone who is willing to help and let you know if the item is in stock or if they even carry it.

Just saying :grin


I agree with Murru - when you consider that Menards is the 3rd largest construction/home center in the country, you'd think they would take the initiative to get a website that showed their products - shopping online buyers will be leaving Menards in the dust if they don't catch up with their competition


Okay....this is a very good point. Our website does suck. Sorry :-(


Give Menards a break. They don't have an ecommerce website.

For God's sake bud, didn't you notice that?

While I think they should be following suit with Home Depot and Menards, they've made the choice to not sell online. There are plenty of places to go to other than them.