Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Menard's web site leaves a lot to be desired. If you go to, you can find PRODUCT.

If you go to to, you find ads about getting a job at Menards, or getting a garage, or anything else that is the last thing I want to find. How about a FOLDING TABLE? Or SNOW BLOWER?!?!

It's like they're afraid we'll see they have junk and therefore will simply go to another non-Menards store...what a useless web site. Does not present Menards as being current with how people shop.

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Your website stinks, you can't see anything you want?


:grin i love menards go to the store you will love it to unless your are *** and dont have a clue why your there


Who cares about the website. Menard's has been a blessing to me.

I learn more and more each day i work for them. We as menard employees dont worry about loosing our jobs due to store closings. We as a company thrive and u dive.

sorry about all u home depot and lowe's people that are loosing ur jobs. go in one of our stores u will be happy u did our customer service is m,aking us grow more day by day


Corporate is too cheap to spend the money on the site.The almighty dollar takes priority.




You all complain you can't find anything online but your headed to Ace and Lowes. You will pay more just because your to lazy to take 2 mins to stop and walk into the store. Get off your rear and use your head.


Cry about it. Pretty sure they dont sell junk if you want junk go to a junk yard.

Pretty sure they sell stuff like lumber and house hold things. If you want to compare it to home depot factor in that home depot has had over 20 stores shut down because people dont like it and your gonna sit on your fat *** and dogg the website why dont you quit complaining solve the problem by going to home depot and quit talking smack about menards


Wow--how silly you all are! With Menards being the 3rd largest retailer, you really think they can't afford a better website?

Of course they can! The website is minimal so people come into the store to shop! It's brilliant--you go in for one thing and realize how many other products they have. You people are pathetically dim.

And yes, I do work there. If I have to hear, one more time, about the *** website, I'm going to scream. I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT THE CORPORATE OFFICE DOES! QUIT *** AT ME ABOUT IT.

And please, threaten to go to Lowes or Home Depot--I don't make commission. ***


pretty much fed up with no "CUSTOMER" related people other than counter people.(SEVERAL PROBLEMS) Have been menards customer for 20 years, dont know what happened to their friendly on the spot resolution..... "Another Handy Andy" In "MY" OPINION>


I'm glad you all chose to go to a different store. it's people like you that make the team members at the stores to be bitter and unhelpful.

why the *** would we want to help you when all you do is complain.

go to ace or lowes. I don't care it's not like you not buying a snow blower will send the company into bankruptcy.


I'm so *** off! I need a snow blower and don't have time to go check out the prices, but I can't even find it online!

WTH! There website is so useless,what is the point of having it?


IMO Menards is great. Great stores.

Great prices. Great help. Have never looked at a home improvement stores website.

Would rather go in, look at displays and ask questions in person. Obviously they have something going for them.


agree, menards online sucks. just for that, im going to ACE


Need a new sink base for my kitchen. Menards website was NO HELP AT ALL!

I wonder if they will pay for the pain med for my headache! Headed to Lowes!


I shop at my local Menards in Appleton and have had few problems but anytime I've tried to check for a price online it turns out to be a scavenger hunt. A simple word like tile might be ok but for the most part you need the magic word for your item or nothing.


i do you find menards web site


Tryed looking up snowblower and kept getting sunflower. WHAT they don't have them. How *** to have an online web page and not give you any useful information.


I wanted to buy a Snow Blower but Menards website doesn't give any information on what I'm looking for. I plan on checking out the other Hardware store websites and buying a Snow Blower.


they don't sell boards or plywood can't find plywood or boards on webpage they must not sale lumber at there lumberyard dumb wed page