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We did a complete kitchen remodel through the menards in johnson creek. the sales associates in the kitchen department screwed up all of our orders and some how turned it into our fault.

we complained to the "store manger who was one evil lady! She was no help at all. i would never recommend this store to anyone. the help is terrible.

probably the worst i have ever gotten. plus we spent a ton of money there but it didn't matter to them at all. the customer is nothing to them at the johnson creek menards.

if you have a big project to do i suggest going somewhere else like home depot!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I purchase products from Menards quite often. I completely agree that their customer service is some of the worst I have ever seen!


You don't know what you are talking about, there is not, nor has there ever been, a female store manager at the Johnson Creek Menard's store. If something was wrong with your cabinets, its your fault.


I worked at menards for over 7 years in the Cabinets and appliances department and I can tell you a mess up on a kitchen by a menards employee is pretty hard to do on their own. Any employee who works in that department has to do training programs and testing in order to even be allowed to design kitchens, and normally need to work with a manager until they are experienced enough to work on their own.

They cannot even start a design for a customer unless the customer supplies measurements for EVERYTHING (windows, doors, walls, sink, appliances, etc.). Menards does not offer a team to come to your home and measure so the burden is on the customer, but that is how they keep the prices low for you. A detailed floorplan with architectural measurements is printed and discussed with each customer before they order and are required to sign before purchasing. The customer needs to know that the cabinets are non-returnable special order and that is why such requirements are necessary.

You would not believe some of the things people bring in expecting you to design a kitchen with. I actually had a gentleman bring in a piece of STRING and said his cabinets were this long. I refused to order anything for him until he brought in actual dimensions. THIS is why people get in a situation where they have a wrong kitchen order, or flooring, or anything else they don't measure before they come in.

They think that it is so easy to order a kitchen or cabinets and not know what they are doing. Some people bring in dimensions before they drywall and are off by 4 inches or 8 inches b/c the didn't factor in the drywall. THAT is exactly why you need to know what you are doing before you go in and order a $10,000+ kitchen. If you don't, ask any cabinets team member and they normally deal with contractors all the time that can come to your home and measure for you and help install.

Many people don't know how to properly install cabinets either.. the don't pull the corner cabinet out and then think nothing fits b/c this will throw off the cabinet run. People need to wake up and realize that home improvement is no small project nor as easy as it looks on TV and you NEED to know what you are doing.

Menards customer service is above and beyond Home Depot and Lowes by far.. if Home Depot was so great they would not have had to close 150 stores this year.


Didn't you get a sheet showing you what you ordered? Whenever I order stuff I always get a sheet that says what I ordered.

Did you show them your receipt?

If you did and they were still like that, then I can see your problem. A lot of times, people forget the written evidence and expect them to believe the customer.


I've worked at almost all the retail store incuding menards, I can can tell you that when guests come into my buffalo location they expect me to know how big their living room is or bedroom so I can tell them how much to buy and heaven forbid if they have a little extra then it's are fault never theirs, shoppers need to step back and think before they buy.


Menards is NOT just a do it yourself store & anyone who has worked there would know this.

Unless you are going there for basic cheap lumber you will end up with a bunch of cheap plastic & metal with over priced paint.

Dont forget the candy aisle as you walk in & leave & the silly halloween plastic junk that gets thrown away in a couple of years.

Menards employees are brainwashed to believe they are somehow better than the other hardware stores like Home Depot as I worked there myself & saw it all.

& NO, the employees are not helpful, more like they do not have a clue what is happening & constantly on a very high turnover.

I believe every word in the OP & saw it happen many times as they do not care about your order & look down on the customers as you turn your back. The only people I have found who enjoy menards are the ones who go there for cheap plastic junk, coffee, bird seed, & maybe a refurbished $10 power tool. but NEVER count on a nice new kitchen by their designers...you might get one & you might not.

I have found the employees at Home Depot to be far nicer, respectful, the service is better & the building department is way better trained than Menards.


I love Menard's I go there almost 2-3 times a week. We are remodeling our Downstairs bathroom, Basement and always have something to go and get there.

We love the attention we get and the customer service is great very friendly and I have never had a problem with returns, they take everything back even if its open.

Who knows what you wanted to get for nothing and it didn't turn out in your favor, so now your are making a fuss. Go shop at Home depot or Lowe's and see how far your money will go.


Last time I checked, Menards is a "Do it Yourself" center. Employees do not go to your house and measure and install. This means whatever you ordered is because you ordered it. If something came in damaged, it was likely the vendor's fault, not the person that sold it to you.

Home Depot and Lowes spend millions of dollars each year trying to match Menards and their Guest Service and still they are far behind. Sometimes it is easier to point the finger at someone else and not take the blame yourself.

I also suggest trying out Home Depot for some of your shopping. You will be very dissappointed when you walk around and hear your footprints because all of the employees saw someone shopping in their store.

No worries though, Menards will be happy to help you the next time you need something for your home improvement needs.


HA! As a Menards employee I know first hand that the Home Depot is no where to go to get better service or cheaper prices.

I run into situations all day long where people buy something, pick it up, then come back and say they never picked it up. I get people stealing things all the time. We get so many people who screw up their own orders to get money back you wonder why they were very skeptical about your order!

So what happened to your kitchen that was so bad? did you accidently install a bathroom in your kitchen?


I can't believe I'm saying this but Home Depot has improved their customer service greatly over the last couple of years. They have obviously been working on it.

Menards has got to start working on the way they treat customers. Menards is known for their poor treatment of consumers and that is why Home Depot is eating their lunch.


I am not sure exactly what happened with your experience, but I shop at the Johnson Creek Menards at least once a week and have never had poor service. I do think they go overboard sometimes with every single person working always approaching me to sell me something or help me.

I can only guess, but I think this is an isolated incedent at this store.