Vermillion, South Dakota

I went to menards the retailer helped me with every need, i asked, for a discount if i purchased in bulk i was turned down. Now i have not enough money to finish my project.

I saw several other rebates the customer service told me i would have to wait for a sale, why couldn't i just get even a small discount nothing was offered, i was planing on spending over 2000 dollars on windows and doors, now i might have to go to mead lumber, they have always given me discounts and delivered for free because i only live 2 blocks away.

Customer service should have the ability to offer at least a small discount, I don't blame the employees they were very kind the high ups should give them the power to offer at lease a small discount

It is common courtesy and good business.

Although i do love menards because the nice things are just slightly higher, I love the selection of doors and windows and the fact that i did not have to order them they have them in stock, it is amazing.

Ten stars to customer service they new everything i needed to know and informed me of even more, I am not a profesional but with the information they gave me i didn't feel any stress and i knew i would be able to figure out how to get the job done without a profesional.

So thank you for being their but with all the promotions that are given out why not give just a little even if its just a candy bar or a few screws or nails.

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Why do you feel so entitled as to get a discount? What makes you better than anyone else purchasing the same material?



The haggling should be done before deciding to use any store. If anyone came to me after the project is started, I’d also refuse to negotiate.


Wow, you spent $2000 dollars??? I have never once went into a store and asked for a discount. The price is the price...


first of all you started out by saying menards has cheap prices an i will tell you 2,000 is not a bulk sale so ju8st wait for the sale an then order your windows try ordering 10,000 in widows an you will get a discount thats the trouble with people ,they spend a couple of thousand an they think they should get bulk discount


Menards is a major retail store. To go there and think you can haggle for a reduction in price is foolish and ignorant.


Menards is a major retail store. To go there and think you can haggle for a reduction in price is foolish and ignorant.


Not to be rude but Menards is not a flea market. The prices are set for a reason.

It is not good business to give away products and discounts to every person that spends money there. In all honesty, because Menards wants to keep prices low, there is not much margin of profit there in the first place. Also, every single penny that is given in discounts is literally coming out of the employees pockets. In lieu of 401k, stock options, or many other programs, employees get a profit sharing bonus.

Every time you ask for a discount, that employee gives up his hard earned money because you feel like you deserve it for shopping there. We do appreciate your business, but it's irritating when people constantly ask for discounts on perfectly good merchandise that is already cheaper than the other competitors.


this is not an indictment of you as a person or customer.... but, you HAVE NO IDEA of how menards operates...

if you are not "making payroll" they send the lowest paid / part timer home even though they make about 9.00/hr. .... you have to buy your vest... you have to buy your tape measue ...

your utility knife.... if you work in the yard, say you drop your radio or it gets knocked off accidentally, YOU ARE FINED and they take it out of your check involuntarily... larry menard made a plumbing dept team member sit on a toilet display on the stage... after he lost/misplaced/dropped/forgot his NAMETAG HIS NAMETAG...

john menard spends millions of dollars to sponsor his son as a NASCAR racer who has (very luckily) won one race out of 174 races run... so do you think john menard is going to give you a discount??? *** no.... that is what you support when you go to menards...

i ask that you seriously want to support those kinds of activities...

this iss entirely true... so please think about it...

@mustanglover mark

Nothing about this is true. My husband has worked for Menards for 8 years.

Never once paid for a vest/shirt. Yes, had to provide his own tape measure and knife but 99% of people already have those at home they were inexpensive. We have at least 15 shirts/vests at home - never paid a dime for those. Makes $19/hour as a full-time inventory worker and made $15 when working in the plumbing department.

Breaking your radio and having to pay for it? Big deal!

I have to pay if I break something that belongs to my company too and I work in an insurance office. It's called being responsible for your stuff.


I take it your husband just hasn't told you that he had to pay for his shirts or vests. The radios they supply have clips that easily slip off a belt as you get on and off forklifts and if they hit the ground and break you are immediately charged or terminated if you don't sign the payroll deduction.

Lend a tape measure to a customer and they don't return have to go buy a new one otherwise you are out of uniform and will be sent home. Ask him about his lunch breaks and how he can be written up for taking less than a 30 minute break or over 35 minutes.


Hate to break it to you, but $2000 is nothing when it comes to windows and doors. Bulk discounts usually don't start happening till you hit $10,000 and then even sale prices are usually lower