I bought and spend the extra money on menards Utra Deck Reversable. Menards own brand of composite decking, the salesman told me and it also said on a sign in front of the pile that it would lighten by a shad or two in the next few weeks after installation, so we bought a midshade Cedar look color, turning a shade of two was an under statement.

it changed a total whiteish Grey, could not have painted any more grey! worthless for composite decking, I could have saved hundreds of dollars and bought real treated wood and it would have given me a few years of original color,, DO NOT USE, TRUST ME , I wish I could add pictures,, going to try staining it now, since it looks like 50 year old untreated wood at 8 months old now..

Monetary Loss: $1200.

  • Big Card Holder Menards
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