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On Sept. 21st, 2013 @ 4pm I rented a truck from Menards to pick up siding that I had special ordered. I went to the store to pick it up and I also purchased more wood. I had several Menard's employees help me load the rental truck, I said I could load it, but they insisted, so be it. In total I had 5 Menards employees load up the truck and climb over it. In total...

- 1 Menards employee helped load the truck with me in front of the store

- 2 Menards employee helped load the siding in the truck in the back of the store at dock 9. Your employee was helping pull the staples out of the siding on that side that she claims the scratch was upon using a tin snip. He was

pulling the staples out of the cedar siding and I told him to stop, I'd do it when I got home.

- 1 Menards security guard in the rear of the store in the lumber yard was on the side of the truck that had the scratch checking the contents of the truck bed. Before I left the lumber yard he pulled 1 board from the

back because the special order had 1 too many boards in the order. I was ok with that because I only wanted to take what I purchased.

- 1 Menards employee helped me unload the truck after I returned it with lumber I hadn't used and wanted to return.

- The lady who processed the truck return was not the same one who had initially rented the truck from me.

- I had a friend with me who help me unload the truck at home from the rear.

- I told the front desk manager I had several Menards employees help me load/unload wood on to the truck during the afternoon. I saw them and one of your asst managers was with me (Marlina) and did hear him state, yes, several employees did help me load/unload wood on the truck. At this point the front desk manager Tania Villamil processed my truck return and was talking with her front desk Ast mgr (Marlina???). When I approached, they talked briefly in Spanish in front of me, which I couldn't follow. Since I don't speak Spanish, I don't know what they said, but from my take, Marlina's answers were short and pointed. After this short conversation it was at this point Tania informed me the truck had 1 scratch on the trucks rear drivers side and that I must of caused it.

After trying to reason with her, she was admament I caused the scratch, even though she was not the one who initially rented the truck out to me. I had loaded/unloaded the truck from the back and asked to see the scratch. Tania sent Marlina the asst mgr out with a camera to photograph it along with me. When Maria went to photograph the scratch, she had trouble even seeing it herself and it took a minute or two for her to locate it on the rear driver side quarter panel above the truck tire. The scratch can only be seen if you are literally an inch or two away from it, its that faint.

At this point I know a scam when I see one and this is just another attempt by Menards to create a new revenue stream for them. Since I entered the truck through the rear to unload, , and at least 2 of Menards employees were in

the vicinity of where the mark was, I did not sign the return agreement, agreeing that I had caused the mark. After trying to talk to the store manager and resolving the dispute, 3 days later they filed a claim against my insurance. At this point I will now have to file a small claims case against them to recoup my money.

At this point I'm wondering if any other people have had similar issues with Menards and would like to join in a class action lawsuit against them?

Monetary Loss: $500.


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If Menards helps loads your vehicle in thier yard and they damage your vehicle in the process they expect your insurance to pay for it not Menards. That how unethical the to management in this company- I know it happen to me. Where I come from if I damage you property I fix it no questions asked or BS run around via e-mail to the “Corp Office in Eau Claire” - this is why I shop Home Depot 100 percent now!!


I rented a truck from Menards returned just fine but found out they charged my credit card for new tires for the truck!Called them and found out someone else also rented the truck that same day and retuned it with old tires on it.

Unbelievable that they just charged everyone who rented it that day for new tires and wait to see who complain.

Had to wait 3 days for a refund on my credit card.Will never shop there again!


What a bunch of asshats.I worked for them for 6 years and know exactly how shady they are, but never expected them to be so blatant as to go rental scamming people, ***.

You have to be completely adamant about these kind of things, even when people get defensive or angry about it.

I *** near got in a fist fight with an old man renting U-Hauls once because I was renting on corporate account, he refused to do walk through of the vehicle's condition BEFORE I signed the paperwork, so I put my foot down (F-bombs included).People are just lazy and complacent to the point of being completely willing to take advantage of each other so you gotta look out for yourself ultimately.

Anyway, I'm not sure even their agreement absolves them of the burden of proof in this instance, and the damage is so minor (with nothing but a signed piece of paper as testimony to the pre-rental condition of the vehicle) that I even wonder if they can get anything anyway.


Menards in Kalamazoo is trying this same type of scam on me. Don't trust them.


Dick Blazer

Another *** who can't read a rental agreement.


Class Action lawsuits are no good. You get far less than if you sue them in a private suit. Why share they money you are owned with strangers who were not part of the problem or solution?

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #932402

This guy sounds like an ***

New York, New York, United States #921740

This person has the right to be mad. If she wasn't guilty of a crime ...she shouldn't have to pay for there mistake.

Powell, Ohio, United States #848028

Get a life man!

to Sorry for you Port Charlotte, Florida, United States #922984

What an ***, really get a life... Why did you bother commenting??

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