Saginaw, Michigan
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I have spent $12,700 at Menards in the last 30 days not on credit. I'm a single mom and trying to improve my home.

Their cashier's and manager at the Clio, Michigan discriminate against women. Ask a question like "does a gas dryer come in either Natural or LP or do you have to convert" Expect to be treated like discriminated against. Apparently they do not want single woman shopping there trying to impove their homes. Only expert contstruction Men should shop there that have no questions.

Not only that it does seem that they also sexually discriminate against female employees Jaime Jaworski Vs. Menards U.S. District Eastern District of Michigan Southern Division. Plaintiff engaged in unwelcomed daily sexually explicit comments and conduct including requests for sex for advancement, including blowing in her ear, down her neck, and purposely brushing agains her, repeatedly assigned to bend over in the course of her job in front of the supervisor Marty Gilmore, Brian Potes was the manager who did this sexual harrassment in front of another male Marty Gilmore.

She then complained and was terminated. Actual court documents, Menards settled out of court. UUMMM, that is 1 Michigan case, there are more. Woman are treted inferior, surely in Menards policy it is a MAN'S STORE, AND WOMAN ARE *** AND SEXUAL OBJECTS.

I will go to Home Depot where I get treated equal and all questions are answered and service is equal. Clio, Michigan Menards Discriminative

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You're crazy.


thats because you should be at home. But instead of baking cookies I would prefer a sandwich or a steak like the other guy, i try to avoid junk food.

Thank you :)

P.S. Hold the mayo.


Men are superior. And I'll take a steak instead.